Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Pssst, Do you have a Secret?"

I learned about PostSecret in late 2005.

It had been around for about a yr at that point.

I stumbled across the [very] first book by accident when I was just browsing through B&N one sunday afternoon. I started to flip though it. I thought to myself this is pretty cool.

I purchased it along with the few other books I had in my hand.

When I got home I threw the other books on my bed and headed to read outside with this unknown jewel & my iPod. It wasn't till I started to read the book did I find out about what PostSecret was all about and that it had been around for over a year.

I got sucked in. I read the entire [first] book, not really a big feat, w/o moving an inch. I would make a few noises and run inside to tell my roommates about a secret that I had just read.

When I was done, I was hungry for more, so I went to the website & read the SundaySecrets. Those were Quickly read, I couldn't wait till the next Sunday. It was like that till the release of his 2nd-[most recent] 5th books.

I would read on the website and in the books (and now on facebook) about all these ppl that had secrets in their books.

I always thought to myself, this is so unfair I have all 4 of Frank's books and NEVER has a secret fallen out on me.

Well all that changed, when I was reading the newest installment, Confessions on Life, Death, & God. While my daughter, E, was eating lunch I was reading through the book & when I flipped one of the pages SOMEONE'S SECRET FELL OUT ON MY LAP!!!

I was stoked.

It said: "If my mom ever sees my thighs (from cutting) She'd kill me before I do it myself"
--- Then on the back it said have you ever wanted to send a stranger your secret? TEXT ME YOUR SECRETS. I'm not a creeper I promise. And it had his/her cell # (I covered his/her number up for his/her privacy) and his/her Name.

I grabbed my phone and called Blue Eyed Blonde . And told her about it.

Sometimes I think it would be cool to txt him/her, just to let her know I got him/her secret, but then the mom in me comes out and I worry about what if he/she is a creeper? Then they'd have my cell number... hmmm.

So for now I just wonder what I would say if I were to txt this random guy/girl, I hope he/she is okay. My heart truly goes out to this person. I hope she/he has gotten some help.

I also fantasize about what my postcard would look like if I were to send "my secret(s)" in. Then I wonder, if I were to see my secret(s) on the website or in a book could I keep my mouth shut? or would I tell everyone..."Hey! Look that's MINE" ?

**Do you have a secret? Would you or have you ever sent in a PostSecret? If you have, has it made the website or one of the 5 books?**



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Jessica said...

That is neato!

I've sent in a few secrets but never seen them online. I haven't picked up a book to see if one's in there though...

Nicole said...

I love Postsecret...even though I don't get to read it as much as I'd like!

BB said...

I can TOTALLY picture you reading these books and saying "omgosh!" "NO WAY!" "GROSSSSSS!" to yourself. Even in 18/19 year old KS way. Haha.

And dude... you can barely keep your mouth shut to begin with, you'd TOTALLY post a blog and be like "LOOK! I made it on the website/in a book!"

I'm going to go blog about Post Secret now. Thanks. lol