Friday, October 2, 2009

"This One Time..."

...At band camp. Haha. Yes I attended band camp but not b/c I played an instrument (well I did in Middle School but stopped when I got to HS). I was at BC b/c I was a part of the Color Guard.

I would have to say that the memories made while I was in Color & Winter Guard are some of my best highschool memories. **One of my readers & fellow guard members Nicole A. suggested that I write about one of my favorite HS memories.

I remember why I tried out for the CG team... my friend Brittnay was on the team; I had known her since 6th grade and all my band friends from middle school stayed in band, esp Hayls , her and I had been BFF since diapers. So they all were busy on Friday nights... So had no one to go to the games with or to sit with. LAME. So I tried out. After making the 1st cut- I was in.

Oh lord, I had NO IDEA what I had just gotten myself into.

I had talked a friend into joining with me but after a few weeks she quit for whatever reason, but I loved it and I loved the girls. Quickly I found out that this was where I belonged. I hung out w.the band group in the AM & I would get them pictured in the yrbk (I was on yrbk staff for 3 yrs on the editorial staff for 2) at random times & places. It was great.

After the games some band people & a few guard members all went to eat at Friday's- 2 weeks of BANDCAMP! -or- Practice EVERYDAY... Simpson & Burke fighting over who had "rights" to me & when- Burke slipping me a YRBK camera to take pictures @ BandCamp/ Sat Practices- There were Saturday practices & Marching competitions- The band trip to Tennessee- There were the Winter competitions. The time the drumline guys... Mainly Joe Gatell, wanted to see if I fit inside of one of the band lockers b/c I am so small... I did.

I mean The list could go on and on. and on and on. I can't pin down just one memory as my ultimate favorite. Just being a part of a Big "family" that is Marching band for my HS career is my favorite memory.

I knew when the end of July came it was marching season till our football team decided to make it over... usually end of Dec/ beg. Jan (b/c they were good).

I made life long friends. THX Nicole for the idea, it was fun reliving those memories.


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Nicole said...

My favorite HS memories are also of marching band and winterguard. God, I miss it!!! Every time I think about it I want to cry b/c I miss it so much.

Nicole said...

Oh, and my last initial is R now! :)