Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I never claimed..."

--Disclaimer: This has to do with religion, I know some are not comfortable with religion or God. Thats fine, this is MY blog & no one is forcing you to read it, I suggest I you are uncomfortable with the topic that you do not read todays post. It's as easy as that. I will not tolerate: mean, hateful or nasty comments. Period. The End.

...to be perfect. But I do have very strong opinions & beliefs. Which stem from my Baptist upbringing.

A few years ago I stopped going to church. No reason really, I just stopped going. Well thats kind of a lie, I was living away from home, in the dorms- and I was usually hungover on Sundays. So outta respect I didn't go.

When I moved back home I would go every now & again; but I have since started to go again on a regular basis and I rejoined my old church. My grandmother was elated, she is the definition of Southern Baptist & when I stared attending regularly, w/my daughter, she told me that her prayers had been answered.

It was until this past Sunday did I really realize how much my relationship w/the Lord had suffered. I mean I knew it had suffered but the sermon didn't really reach me so I had some spare time to think & pray. [Don't judge me... I can't be touched week after week]. Just being in Gods house & really talking to him I felt as if I was taking the needed steps to re-build my relationship with him.

I was raised in the church & I want E to be raised in the church. I felt like my church family were MY family. It's a great feeling to walk into church & still to this day everyone knows you & have known you since you were a lil-tot.

I haven't always walked the straight & narrow or in the way of the Lord, but the wonderful thing about him is he is a forgiving God. Life is full of trials & tribulations, ups & downs. I am learning that, with my family right now. I know that I can't do it with out him in my corner. Its been hard & I know he's never left my side but now it's my turn!

**I know this isn't my normal type of post. But this is what has been weighing heavy on my heart.**

>>Now I ask you my lovelies... Is there anything weighing heavy on your hearts that you just want to get out there? It can be deep or it can frivolous. Either way; Tell us about it >>


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mrscravitz said...

The great thing about blogs, is you CAN talk about anything you want. What is a blog for anyway if you can't do that. This is what makes you, YOU!

About the church thing. This is great. I never judge anyone. If this is what you need in your life this is great. I was raised a Catholic and I miss going to church. About a year ago, I had the strongest urge to go to church. I kept it up for about 8 months, and then we got some new priests from Kenya or somewhere around there, and their accent is so thick and heavy, I can not understand a word they are saying. I know! Should not be the excuse, but my desire is not there as it was. When the desire hit me, the priests that were there, were old school and I loved it! I do not go on with all the NEW fad stuff they have intergrated into the church. That is just me.

I did not mean to go on and on about this. I just wanted to let you know, GOOD BLOG!

Nicole said...

Eh...not my type of blog, but thanks for sharing! :)

My type of a holy Sunday is FOOTBALL all day!!! :) :)