Monday, October 26, 2009

"6, 8, MATERNITY,12,10, 8, 6, 4"

One of my LOVELY readers Nicole left this comment Friday: just thought about a new blog for you lost weight. And I want DETAILS!!!!

So Here ya go Nicole... THANK YOU for the idea!! Loved it!!


Weight Loss [for most] doesn't come easily. I know for me it didnt.

@ 119lbs I am 4lbs away from the smallest I have ever been (I was 115 for a short time in 06). Total I have dropped 66lbs.

It wasn't easy by any means. But I have such a small frame & I have always been very active in dance, C/WGuard & soccer & what not, that keeping that much weight on was horrible. Unhealthy even.

Granted 35 of it was "baby weight" -- yes I only gained 35lbs (which is normal... My Doc was pleased) but the rest was weight I put on b/c I let GD control me. He liked his women thick...nuff said.

After I gave birth to my beautiful daughter I was determined to loose ALL the weight. A healthy but efficient way.

So after doing A LOT of research I went back to ole faithful: Weight Watchers.

Two weeks after E was born I re-joined. I had lost about 13lbs back in 05 after putting on some weight in college & it was effecting my dancing.

I stuck to the plan- very strictly & took E on nightly walks; Thats all the exercise I was allowed to do at the time. Then when I hit 6wks postpartum and got the "All Clear" to start working out from my OB I started slow.

I did some Wii Fit & Another Wii aerobics thing . That helped more then ppl think. Then I took my stepdads "spot" with my parents trainer. My stepdad got sick then he got a hernia and totally couldnt workout with weights. I only worked out w.Ric for 30 min sessions. Sometimes twice a week but usually it was only once a week. I also rollerbladed behind the stroller.

So for those of you who think you have to do it daily. I am proof that you don't have too.

If you just make a conscious effort to park a little farther from the store entrance... Take the stairs (I get this times 5, bc of the stairs in my home) & watch what you eat. Portions & filling food help.

I took the "Slow & Steady" route. It took me about a yr to loose (& keep it off) the weight. I occasionally workout with Ric but not like before.

WEIGHT WATCHERS is designed to work with or without "hard-core" exercise. Plainly it WORKS. Go to the meetings- there are soo many locations & times I know you will find one that works for you. You can eat basically anything you want- just track your points. Its so easy.

I am still on weight watchers in a few weeks I will be what is considered "LifeTime" where I get the membership for free. Its very much a part of my life, its like second nature. I am keeping the weight off b/c I am still very much dedicated to WW & I see the final "product" everyday when I look in the mirror and when I slip into my size 4 jeans.

Thats ALL the proof I need that I made the right decision [for me] to re-join WW.

(June 08) BEFORE:

Exactly 1yr Later (June 09) AFTER:



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The Urban Cowboy said...

Very nice!!! You are right about it not taking much too, just a conscious effort to walk more, more + smaller portions, and enjoy yourself. Good post.

Nicole said...

Wow, great blog. Oh how I wish WW was free!!! hahaha.

Jessica said...

good job on the weightless!
that's awesome!
maybe (hopefully) one day I can have a story to tell about it...

Tia said...

good for you! you look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look amazing!!!