Friday, December 31, 2010

"Im Following the Crowd...part 2"

Welcome to part 2... June-Dec. Like I said in Part one (Jan-May)I went through my flickr acct to get these pics- (so they are not watermarked, dont steal my shit)

June through Dec held ALOT of changes for my girl and I. We had moved to PA in late Dec 2009, in March, during my SB, E & I came home for a visit. M & I had decided that if my credits would transfer to another grad program that we would move back to FL. I was very uhappy in PA. I didn't have any friends (minus Rach! I love you), I was too far from my family. Things didn't "fall-into-place" like they should have and M & I went out separate ways. We are still friends and talk regularly. My girl and I also moved, again but this time into our home; that we are renting till I can afford to buy it. Hopefully by the end of 2012 I can buy it and we can stop renting.  As I know the market will turn around before then, we got terribly lucky.

We really enjoy the summer! 
The second half of our 2010 was BUSYYY!

June 2010:

[Still in PA] playing outside w."bubble toys"

E on her 1st train ride.  You can read the original entry here.

Our last night in PA I let E stay up late to catch lightening bugs.

Back in FL enjoying swim lesson (refreshers), 
at the YMCA. 
I am very proud that my girl can swin & shes only 2.

At the beach, first of a few times in 2010, with Grandma & Peepaw.

July 2010:

Really enjoying being back in FL. 
Having a picnic outback at Nanas house.

We had to go see Aunt Hayls for a few days upon return to FL.

First night in her toddler bed. She loved it (thx to aunt hayls house).
She never got up. Not even once.

Barefoot baby. Loved to play outside barefoot. Like mother, like daughter.

It was KID CENTRAL at the O house on the 4th of July. 
There were plenty of adults there too!

August 2010: A very busy exciting Month:

First try with her "hoopiehoop"- shes a natural.

In Jax for Aunt Hayls Birthday dinner!!

Aunt Hayls took us to "Pump it Up" we had a great time.

E's first trip to Disney. She got to meet her idol, Woody.

In front of Cinderella's Castle w.Cousin Danielle.

At Nickeloden presents StorytimeLIVE! (sry its sideways)

September 2010:

We moved into our home on Sept 1. That we are lucky enough to 
Rent-to-Own. So I am not throwing my rent $ away, its all going towards our DP. 

Supporting our boys! 
Go! Pack! Go!

**In sept we had friends over a lot, but we didn't always take pics.

October 2010:

Ash & Mallory invited us to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party"
We had fun, even though it was a little scary.

We had a great time picking out and playing in the pumpkins w.Mallory!!

At FBC Pine Castle's Fall Festival w.Luke (raggedy Andy). 
Where my little iPhone won most original costume.

November 2010:

E decorating her tree, the day after thanksgiving. 
We did our family tree later that day!

E and her buddy Elijah, at Elijah's birthday party.

Out watching a Packers game w.our friends.

December 2010:

Even though E is frowning, she had a blast at our annual Christmas party.

I babysat mallory for a day and while her mama was at work,
we made salt dough ornaments. 

Santa visited. I guess E was a good girl.

I hope you enjoyed taking at a quick look at our life over the year. Heres to 2011 and the many good things it holds in store for my girl and I. 


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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