Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Merry Christmas"

Here are a few pics of E getting ready for the "Big Day"... We do all our decorating the day after Thanksgiving, so thats when these were taken (Minus the one of the 2 of us, that was a week or so ago)


**This was our Christmas Card this year. I was on a budget and could only order so many. I am sorry if you didn't receive one. Family members got one first (I am sure you understand) and then those friends who are like family came next, I had a hard time this year b/c I wanted to send oodles and oodles out but w/the new expense of the house I just couldn't afford too. I love my blog family, too!  

Merry Christmas!  -K & E

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JB said...

her little tree is too cute
& love the card