Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"It was a very magical, beautiful day"

Are you wondering what day I am talking about? CHRISTMAS MORNING.

I spent a lot of time, effort and money (I started shopping for E in Oct, so I wouldn't over spend) to make E's THRID Christmas perfect. As last year she was super sick w.her first of many double Ear infections.

This was the 1st year since she was born in 2008,  that I have done Christmas alone. We are in our own place and I got to do it my way. I wanted it to be perfect.

I loved our tree & it was so much fun to decorate just E and I. We had decorations around the house, not too many but enough for it being our first Christmas. We did not do lights outside, I was sad about that. But theres always next year.

Christmas eve we went to church, as always. Then on to my Grans house for our tradition of doing Christmas dads family. After munching on some awesome food, doing presents and being at Grans for MANY hours it was time to head home. Going to Grans on C.Eve has been going on since before I was born over 24yrs ago (Old tradition). So when we were walking to my car, I told E to look for Rudolph's nose, just like my dad used to do for me when I was little (old tradition). It was known to us that 'Santa' was in the US as I had been "tracking" him via iPhone (new tradition)! He would be in FL soon. So we quickly got E in her carseat and headed home.

E & her cousin, Luke. Not only did they match but Lukes babysister, Ellie, his mom 
Missy and I all had those jams on too! 
(His dad Mike has them too, he just didnt wear them)

Once we were home, we had to set out the cookies we decorated earlier that day and milk for santa! Along with E's note to him. It was glorious. She was giddy with excitement. Then since she was already jammied it was off to bed, so Santa could visit.

I forgot to to take a pic when we put it out Christmas eve, so this was in the AM.
As you can see Santas bite from a cookie. (old tradition).

I put up a babygate (i hate doing this!) in front of her room to keep her from sneaking out of her room. Not that it was needed, she passed out before I was even out of her room.

I made sure everything was perfect, for Santas 1st visit to our home. I caught Santa in our home!! E loved/loves this pic so much. She told me how awesome it was, to see Santa!

We have a hard copy of this too. New tradition.

Then Came C.Morning. My mom and stepdad (Nana & Papa) came over at 640a, as E normally wakes between 630-700. Once they got here I started the coffee and went to get E up, My stepdad videoed the WHLOLE THING, presents and while we played too. I will look back on that video and love and cherish it. I am so blessed.

I took down the gate and opened her door and she was AWAKE!! Waiting for mama. I said "Merry Christmas honey!" "Do you know who came to see us last night?" 

She got all smiley and said "SANTA". 

Me: "Thats right, Santa came to see you. Lets go see what he left"

I held her hand and we went to investigate what Santa left her. 

HE LEFT HER A LETTER, on the back of hers! She was so excited. It even mentioned her Elf on a Shelf, Niko-Reeves (she named him all by herself). She squealed when she heard me read that.

This is Santa's letter to E, its on the back of hers! I sense a new tradition, here too!

Once she saw all her presents, she just turned to me with this adorable shy smile/look and hugged me super tight. Then hugged my mom and stepdad. She is such a lover girl. I told her they were from Santa and I asked her if she wanted to start opening her presents. She said "I need milk mama" So I got her some milk and she started. 

From Santa. (Not the rocking horse, that was from  Santa lastyr)

First was the stocking. Then presents FROM SANTA followed by Presents FROM MAMA. 

View of the entire room. Presents from mama are under the tree still.

After everything was opened, we played with her new toys for a little while then it was time to pack-up the car to go to my Dad and Step-moms house (Peepaw & Grandma). 

Me & my girl, playing with her Vet set!

OHMIGAWD! The destruction after BOTH Santa and Mama.

E HAD TO TAKE her Woody & Jessie, from Santa, to PeePaws house. 

Once we arrived at my Dad's at about 9:10a, we had a lovely breakfast, as always (or for the last 12ish years-tradition). E didn't eat much, 1/2 a waffle, as she was on a Christmas present high. After talking and breakfast it was time for more presents.

E & my dad, woody & jessie, from Santa.

My 11 year old sister separated/passed out all the presents and we did 1 at a time in a circle. Starting with my 5 year old niece and ending with my step-sister, Alicia.  Peepaw & grandma went very last. 

We had such a great and fun time at my dads. I swear this is the BEST age, 2 1/2 almost 3 (in April) for Christmas. She is just starting to get it. 

After we were at my dads for a while, it was time to load all the goodies into my SUV and head to my mom's for Naps (for E) and presents, followed by late lunch/early dinner. 

E took a 2.5 hour nap, while my sister, Jessica, my mom & stepdad and I all opened our presents. Once E woke-up, it was her turn! 

E hugging on her 2 Brutis the buckeye dolls from Aunt Jessica, 
who is a BUCKEYE herself.


1/2way through my camera died & I about cried. I got over 150+ pics, from my house, dads and moms, before the battery died so I am okay with that.

We were at my moms till 730p, when I decided it was time to head home, to clean-up and get E in bed. Thankfully I only live about 10 minutes from my mom. Once home I got E cleaned-up and Jammied. We played a round of memory, a favorite from my dad, and then it was bed for her. 

Shortly after E was in bed and the car was unloaded and house somewhat in order my mom, stepdad and Jessica came over for some "GOLF", the greatest card game ever. We played 18holes (this takes a few hours) and they headed home. 

I was up till after 1am getting everything cleaned up and put away, should have gone to bed earlier, as I was awoken at 2am to a very sick babygirl, but thats for another blog and time

All-in-all this was by far the BEST CHRISTMAS I have ever had, in my whole life. The day was Perfect and magical in every way it should have been and in some ways I didnt expect. The day couldn't have been any more perfect than it already was. 

I was sad to see Christmas day go, but I have made some great [new and old] traditions for many years  to come. Not to mention the great memories made and captured by my vid and reg cam. 

I am still talking about how wonderful Christmas was. 


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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