Tuesday, September 22, 2009


That's how I would describe my "book" -- actually I wouldn't even call it that. I have 1 page written... I have the whole thing in my head... I just can't find the time.

When E is napping I shower, eat do laundry and if there's time I relax. As of late she has only been napping for an hour versus the oh so lovely 2-2.5 hr naps!

Over a year ago I got the bright idea to write a book... more of a tell all comedy type of book (you didn't think I would really tell yall what it's about did you? - I don't want you jokers jacking my idea!) .

The main character is M's best friend for 18 years...he also happens to be E's Godfather. Its actually quite humorous. Uncle Andy is quite the joker as it is so you can only imagine how excited I was at the thought to depict him in a book.

I love to write. When i put my mind to it Im not half bad. I majored in PR; there's a lot of writing in PR. I've hit a few brickwalls:

- [little] No time... Hey im raising a toddler here.

- Mommy brain... I seem to forget things so easily. Andy is not easy to get ahold of now a-days... his g/f has got him on quite the short leash.

- Im either going to be going to Grad School in Jan or I will be accepting a job offer if they ever call me back after 2 awesome interviews (they said one day this week, come on already).

Then I got to thinking once/if/when I get this written I don't have an editor or a publisher. How does one go about that anyways?

No more excuses!

I guess if I'm serious about this "book" I should get writing, huh? I mean it has a title already. and the first few pages written. Thats a huge start!

Im no Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling -- but my fav books are not all written by "super-star" authors.

I think I am going to set goals for myself [maybe] 1-1.5 pages a day. Thats easy as apple pie! That way I won't feel overwhelmed.

First off I need to finish potty training my precious.

Do you think I'm crazy for attempting writing a book? What are your thoughts on the subject matter?

Thx for sticking with me [us]


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BB said...

I've written a grand total of two books.

Keep in mind I've been writing for 6 years and I've started, easily, over 6 books.

Writer's Block is ever present whenever you have time to write and it's evasive when you don't have time.

But the finished product is always worth the frustration.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for your book. I can't promise I'll be patient... but hey... we all know BB is not the patient type. Let's be serious.

Call around! There are small publishing firms & such that could probably lend a hand. Ask GAP, she might know something or another- she always does.

Anyway... have fun.

Jessica said...

That's awesome! Wish I could write a book but I'm pretty sure I'm too random and people would get annoyed.

Good luck!

Nicole said...

If you want to write a book, I think the time is now. Before you now it, you will have a job or will be in school and then nothing will come of it. I say start now.

I don't think you're crazy b/c you are a stay at home mom who has the time to do it...I just think you have to set aside "writing time". You should have no excuses once you make the time! :)

Matt said...

I think it's a good idea.

Lots of books get published that aren't anything special. You probably have a good chance of it, but you can worry about that later.

Just take a few weeks or months and put something together, and see what you have. Take some time off between chapters so you can think about what you've written.

... and don't let anyone read it til it's finished.

( By the way I have no book-writing experience, lol. )