Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"So Easy Breezy"

To look at another persons life, relationship, job, etc... and judge. Point fingers if you will. Its easy to find the flaws and then once you've found them you want to correct them, as if the person hasn't tried that already. The problem is probably running deeper then what you see/hear about on the surface.

Everyone does it. Go ahead, lie & say you don't. You do. Its human nature.

[are you done lying yet?- ::Waiting::-] [okay proceeding... ]

It's easier to look at someone else's life, relationship, job, etc... then to look at our own. It's easier to [try] fix someone else's problems, even if its just on the surface. When there are probably plenty of your own to fix... take a look in your own backyard.
Usually all you're doing is causing more hurt and heartache; by shedding unnecessary light on the situation(s), when you thought you were helping- you probably were not.

More times then not people know what is wrong in their life, relationship, job, etc... They DO NOT need outsiders who know little [to nothing] about it throwing their measly two cents in. It feels like they are rubbing it in. Thats not necessary, at all.

Look at logically when you have a problem with your life, relationship, job, etc... do you like it when someone who knows little [to nothing] about the situation try's to give you unwarranted advise? -NO, you don't. --Lying, again?! You don't like it, b/c you didn't ask for it. If you wanted their opinion you would have asked for it. Period.

So next time you go to judge someone else's life, relationship, job, etc... Check your own backyard... maybe do some "grooming" in your own yard before you lend a helping hand to your "neighbor" unless they asked!

**My daughter is sick... like has her first cold...ever in 17mons of life... So she comes first, the posts might be scarce or just be a vid the next couple of days! Plus this chick has her LAST, yes LAST surgical procedure Thursday!**

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Jessica said...

Well said...

Nicole said...

You know how I like to stick my two cents in...shouldnt do it, but do it anyways. But at least I admit it...

Nicole said...

You know how I like to put my two cents in all the time. I know I shouldn't, but I do anyways. I felt the need to say something b/c she seems unhappy with the situation...and I wanted to make sure that everything was tried (which I'm not so sure was). As an outsider looking in I see unhappy post/comments/tweets about the situation and I think to myself "god, I hope she fixes that before she blows up and something really bad happens". I was in the same situation a few years back with Brent, but I FIXED it. She said it can't be I guess she will remain unhappy...which is quite sad. I also wanted to get his side and see how he feels about it, but I did not get that far. It's just a really sad situation, I think. I felt the need to say something. I don't think I was out of line...but a quiet, nonconfrontational person might. I was trying to help...