Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Enough is Enough"

As most of you know TLC is known for such reality shows as: "Jon & Kate +8", "Little People, Big World" & "18 Kids & Counting."

Well They sure are counting aren't they? It was released today in many different media outlets that the Duggars are pregnant yet, AGAIN! for the 17th time (they have two sets of twins). Is this woman crazy?!
~I am under the understanding that they do not believe in birth control [BC]
b/c of an ordeal (miscarriage) they went through early in their marriage
and I believe Michelle [Mrs. Duggar] was on the pill & that was the cause
of the miscarriage. After a long talk & guidance from their pastor they
decided that they would no longer use BC & they would welcome "Gods
Gifts" (children) as he saw fit.~

Phew! Well they have surely received a lot of 'gifts'. I don't mean to mock her in anyway. I am a christian. I was raised in a southern baptist home. BC was in no way chastised or condemned. I have never heard any of my pastors or Sunday school teachers say it was in anyway a sin to use any form of BC. I have heard that from Catholics, never from Baptists (I do believe that the Duggars are Baptists... if I am incorrect.. please let me know). I personally know what it feels like to loose a child. I have had not one but two miscarriages & they are very heartbreaking. I just feel that they are taking this to the extreme.

How can you give 19 children the one-on-one attention each child needs? How can each child get the needed privacy? As a child grows and matures they do need privacy, its part of developing and becoming a young man/woman. I think of how much attention my 17mon old daughter needs and feel for their young 2 & 3 year olds, not to mention their 8 month old. Do they really have the time & ENERGY?

Then my mind quickly races to their eldest son, Joshua & daughter-in-law, Anna. They too are expecting. In the next month. WAY TO STEAL THEIR THUNDER MICHELLE & JIM BOB! WAY TO GO! Even though Anna is lovely and said she is excited to be pregnant at the same time as Michelle.

I think its time for Grandma & Grandpa to stop having babies & leave that to the next generation. You don't have to stop having sex! By any means. There are options... Condoms... IUDs... or if you don't want to get into all that mess... Jim Bob can get snipped! I know you don't believe in that but pray about it or talk to your pastor because something needs to happen. That sounds great to me! Give Michelles poor worn-out uterus a rest! That way they can still be the "sex-machines" that they have been dubbed but STOP receiving 'gifts'.

Michelle is 42 years old. That alone isn't healthy... on top of that fact that she has birthed 18 other children, how is THAT healthy?! Come on. I can't even imagine what that is like. Ive had one & thinking one two more tops!

Like I mentioned earlier I am a christian & fully believe in the power of God but after a while... Michelle & Jim Bob... "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

-I rarely do this but I wanna know...

**I have a question for my readers: What do you think about The Duggars welcoming yet ANOTHER child (mouth to feed, body to clothe, child to give attention to & teach as they are home schooled & fit into their bus to get places...not a car or van but BUS!!!!)? Am I being too harsh or do you agree with me?

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Hayley said...

Very well put!!

Jessica said...

I agree with you, it's ridiculous.

But I think they're Pentecostal. With all the long hair, dresses on girls and no birth control. Doesn't sound baptist to me.