Friday, September 18, 2009

"False Sense of Security"

I read a wonderful blog called Single Mom Seeking (yes its by the same wonderfully witty woman who wrote the book i've been raving about, Rachel Sarah). Yesterday as I was reading her blog she wrote, HERE , about how her boyfriends car got broken into & asked her readers what they do to feel safe.

Its so ironic that she wrote on this, b/c I woke up yesterday AM to a phone call from my neighbor “Isabell’s car was stolen” Isabell is her daughter. I live in a safe (or what I thought was safe) gated neighborhood. Come to find out after speaking to the cops, there was numerous break-ins 1 block away last night! No wonder there were choppers flying over head at 530a...they were looking for the "suspects" from the break-in 1 block away (the car was reported till 730a-ish).

I am a young single mother of a 17 1/2 mon old. I have never felt unsafe in my home before, now. My boyfriend lives over 1,000mi away because of his job, he has a gun. I have mentioned to him how I would like to learn more about them, maybe take a few lessons and get my license and purchase one. I have been shooting before, my ex used to be into guns and would take me to the range (pre-baby) and I've been hunting- hello my family are a bunch of rednecks! So I know how to use one but I am not sure I know how to use one for protection, I know if it came down to it I could do it, but I don't want to take that chance. He freaked out and said no way, with out even so much as a second thought. I am only 5 foot and I weigh-in at a whopping 117lbs.

I want something besides my alarm system to make me feel safe, my dog passed away in May from cancer and with potty training a toddler I am not ready to do that with a new dog, just yet. All it took was one phone call to make me feel insecure within the 4 walls of my own home, how sad. What has this world come to?

A friend of mine who’s husband is in the military so she is a single mom most of the time has a small handgun and before now I was against having a gun in the home with small children, but now all of a sudden I feel like I need to do something, take a stand to protect me and my daughter.

Now I ask my readers... to my knowledge I don't have any single moms that read my blog, but I do have MOMS... what are your thoughts on safety? what do you and yours do?

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Jessica said...

I have a handgun. Honestly, it doesn't make me feel that safe. I mean, if I get nervous while home alone I keep that sucker at my side but part of me still thinks I'm not safe enough.

I think a handgun might do you some good though. You're a mother already so that instinct is gonna kick in quick to protect your little one without hesitation.

They have all kinds that are kid safe now. Ours has a regular safety and a key safety as well.

Nicole said...

We also have a gun and go to the range to practice. We don't have a license yet, but we are planning on getting it soon. We also have an alarm in the apt and are going to bring it with us when we get a house. I know how you feel...remember...our apt got broken into last year. It took a long time to get over that.