Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I hate thats a strong word... dislike them, strongly.

You know when your doc says "you need to loose weight & stop smoking" -When he/she is morbidly obese and then as you're pulling outta the parking lot you see him lighting up in your rear view mirror.

Don't tell me to do something you won't do.

**I don't smoke or need to loose [anymore] weight... I just used that as an example... I don't need an influx of e-mail from ppl asking me when I started smoking. I don't GROSS**

I've noticed people re quick to dole out advice, if you will, but they don't want to take it themselves. -I know it is easier said then done.

I have realized that I think before I speak a lot more now, b/c I have realized that I might not know the whole story & I don't want to make an ass of my self. Also as I said HERE I do unto others, and lately only a handful of people know my full story so why the hell would I do something I wouldn't want someone to do?

I don't like hypocrites. I am working on being a better person. So therefore, I am trying my damnedest to not be one.

-Stop laughing... It wasn't THAT funny. No really, STOP!-

I have a child who is becoming a little person, who copies EVERYTHING her mama does... and I mean everything. It is kind of scary but also incredibly amazing to see, what an awesome little person!

"She is a little sponge" -So I [have] to lead by example.

Why tell someone to do something if you yourself won't do it? Does that honestly make sense?

Thx for sticking with me [us]


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