Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Struck a Cord?"

From all the immature comments, emails & tweets I received yesterday (I got some very nice supportive E-mails too... can't forget those ladies), I guess people either A) didn't read ALL of yesterdays blog so they missed the part that said "LETS BE MATURE HERE..." -or- B) they [chose to] overlooked the part that said "LETS BE MATURE HERE..." -or- C) thought I was talking about them... directly & it somehow angered you and "struck a cord" in you.

My guess is a mix of B & C, b/c all of us are old enough to act mature, whether it happens or not is another thing entirely . I WAS NOT talking about anyone couple in particular, if you think I was talking about YOU, Get a grip, my world DOES NOT revolve around YOU, nor does my writing.

Well maybe the lady I over heard at the store last week (when I started yesterday's blog...last week). She gave me the idea b/c she was saying "...well Jim and I have been married for almost 2 years and by my "plan" I need to start for the baby. We just put an offer on a house and we can bring our puppy home from the breeder next weekend. Her mother, I assume, said "Diane dear your so young what's the rush, you're only 24, 25 in Dec. Slow down enjoy Jim and the dog for a while. Enjoy your new job, not many are lucky enough to walk out of college and land a great job." she replied "Yes I know but I have a plan... 2 yrs then a baby... we put in that offer... I want it all, my 2 kids, house and everything before I am 30" The older woman finished the convo by saying "Di do those things you wanted to do like Ireland & Egypt before you have kids... you can board a dog. You can't board children. You will have it all but what's the rush?" Then it was my turn to pay for Emmys diapers. So I am not sure as to what Diane said.

I felt as if I had heard enough. I hear it every single day, From people in my everyday life. I write my blogs from the POV of a 23yr old SINGLE MOTHER, who's pregnancy was unplanned.

My blog is strictly my opinion (unless other wise stated). I don't write them for anyone, I write them for myself. I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of my readers (yes, even the ones who can't control their comments/typing finger)

I am about to put myself through grad school... life is about to CHANGE drastically for me & E. I hope you all stay with us to live out this crazy experience. If not and you feel so strongly against everything I say I understand if you stop following. It is not my intention to hurt anyone.

I leave you with this... If yesterdays blog "struck a cord" in you... it must have for a reason. You might want to evaluate things to figure out that reason & why someone's opinion in their blog got to you the way it did.

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey has just begun!


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Elizabeth said...

I read your post yesterday and wanted to leave a comment but things got insane around here. I totally understand where you're coming from!! I was 21 when I had Haley so I know there is a ton of stuff I wasnt able to do. But, I wouldnt go back and change anything. I dont understand why people put so much pressure on "having everything" by a certain age. Why can they be happy with what they have at the moment? I'm so blessed to be 27 and have 3 healthy daughters and an incredible husband. Not a day goes by that I dont thank God for what I DO have. The way I see it, as long as my kids tell me they love me before bed, I have everything I need.