Monday, September 21, 2009

"It DOESN'T take a Village"

To raise a child... of course I appreciate advice from the pioneers (ie: my mom. stepdad. friends. etc...) who have gone before me. I do really but please let me be mom.

I understand they've been there and done that, but now it's my turn. If I ask that's one thing. One of my biggest pet peeves as of late is being undermined, ALL the time.

E is 17 1/2 mons old... she can't focus on a whole lot. So there can't be 2/3 ppl talking to her. Usually if its just me & her (and Matt) I can get her to eat fairly well. So when my mom (most of the time) distracts E; by talking to her, giving her loving, etc she [my mom] doesn't understand my frustration. Come on now... Lets use common sense!

Mom also repeats almost everything I say to E. For instance I will say: "E we don't throw our food on the floor, Thank you" ... then not even a second my mom will get inches from E's face, "nose-to-nose", if you will, and says in a "baby voice- that I have slowly but surely seized using, and say the same thing!

I have read in numerous books and its COMMON SENSE that a child needs to only be told something by one of the authority figures. That way the child knows who to listen to. It confuses her when my mom does that. Esp when she does it all "cutesty" b/c E thinks its a game. It's not! I will raise her the way I see fit. I am not my mother. I do things my way.

Unless I am doing something harmful don't give your opinion, unless I ask. I feel this way about ALL aspects of my life, not just child rearing.

I feel I am/ have done, a damn good great job raising my baby girl on my own up to this point. I don't intend to change now. Things will continue to get better with time. I know that moving out the hose will help the situation improve & I know that step is coming... soon.

I am mom. I make the rules, that pertain to MY daughter. Period. The End. I thought that line was drawn. But here lately I am not so sure anymore. That is not something that should be foggy. ever.

I could go on for days but I don't want my [entire] blog to be all about E & mommy stuff just sometimes... but I am a mom now.

Thx for sticking with me [us]


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Nicole said...

Agreed. You're the mom...and as soon as you move out Em will realize that Grammy with be the fun, spoiling one and you will be the rule dropper! lol.