Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Love on TV"

So I am a sukah fo reality TV... esp the dating shows (ie: bachelor , bachelorette , MORE to LOVE , etc...)

Judge on Judgers...!

I know you all are watching them too!!

As I watch these ladies/gents fall madly in "love" in only 6 weeks I think to my self is that really possible? Or is this just for the cameras? Are they just caught up in the moment?

Do they really know the other person? -They go on group dates... one-on-ones. They meet the families. They do the things you do in a normal relationship, just in superdrive.

Once the show is over and the network isn't fronting the bill anymore, the lavish dates/dinners/trips stop; BAM! Its back to reality like head first into a brick wall. Once all that stops is the "OMG I Love you soo much (after only 2days but whatever, idc)" still there.


Lets take a look at the stats shall we... its quick:

Out of ALL the seasons of the Bachelor... Z.E.R.O -- YES; zero... zip... zilch! no couples have actually survived. Like 17 seasons. Thats horrendous. Bachelorette... O.N.E. Trista & Ryan! What a sweet LOVING, PERFECT couple. Season 1 she was the first & ONLY one to actually have a real LASTING relationship after the camera crews packed their bags. There has been significantly less seasons of the bachelorette but still still the same. SAD; only one couple has actually found love & made it work.

More to Love, this was it's 1st season, on Fox. It was advertised as "Real love for Real people" It was a 250lb man, he was 26 yrs old and he was a real estate developer and all the woman had to be a size 16/18 and up. Okay. I liked no I LOVED the concept of the show. I think it was fantastic. The average size of a woman in the US is a 12/14. Not a 0 which is what Hollywood portrays. -- I digress.

Anyways. I really like who Luke, the man, the bachelor, if you will, picked. I will no spoil it for those of you who might have DVRed it. I hope they truly find love. The odds are against them, sadly. I hope to see this show back, in the reverse... I want to see a lady having her choice.

Normally I am an optimist and think love can be found anywhere. It's all about fate. But for some reason I just don't think that a TV show is the best place, it doesn't depict real life. B/c for one thing the network is fronting the bill. I don't know many people that live that way. hello! and two who really gets followed by camera crews, unless your RPatt or KStew.

**What do you think about love on TV? Possible?**

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