Thursday, September 10, 2009

"The eff you button"

Sorry for the absence yesterday! There is no excuse I know but I was sick. No need for the gory deets... we'll leave that up to LiLu and TMI Thursdays but I think yall get the picture!!

Anyhoodle on to todays very late (in the evening...again SORRY!! I have been slacking-- I know you kids have like 10000000 other bloggers on your readers so you, well, deal just fine) Post.



The EFF-YOU button...

Is the button you hit on your cell when you don't want to talk to whom ever is calling at that moment. You know to shut your phone up. Whether it be on the top, side or front of the phone; EVERY SINGLE PHONE has one. Yall know exactly what I am talking about.

Frankly I hate that little sucker. It pisses me off so much when I get "effed you-ed" Oh man does it make my blood boil. Idk why I get so pissed though, b/c I do it too. Sooo... its totally "the pot calling the kettle black" ya know?

But In my defense, Yes! Wonderful how I get to defend myself and no one else does, tis my blog folks. I have been working on trying not to do it [as much] any more. I will answer, and If I really can't talk you will seriously get a 2-second... "hey (insert name here)! I can't talk-- call you back" -click. but if I don't want to talk for whatever my reason is, I just don't answer. I don't eff you button people [as much] any more, b/c of how much I hate getting eff you-ed.

I think its rude.

I stopped talking to someone altogether b/c I called them TWICE within like a week and a half (give or take) this person 1) didn't call me back (message was left) 2) Eff you-ed me BOTH times! yes! BOTH times. WTF?! You better believe they got a nasty a stern message, letting them know that was totally not called for.

This person knows how much I hate getting eff you-ed too.

So needless to say folks you the manners your mama raised you with (I know we didn't have cell phones back then but you're smart [mostly] humans & can figure this one out) DON'T USE THE EFF YOU BUTTON.

Be polite answer have a quick convo -or- Txt the person and give a quick "busy... call ya back in a few, when I can talk" or something along those lines.

Understand? Yah!?



Hope everyone remembers what tomorrow is 9-11-09... 8 yrs ago (9-11-01) started the very war we are STILL fighting in (Afghanistan) today!

Don't forget to take a moment of silence to remember all the fallen NY & NJ Firefighters, Police, EMT, Port Authority, etc.. and all the civilian lives lost & effected by the horrible events that took place 8 yrs ago.

Thx for sticking with me [us]


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LiLu said...

I hate that button too. Fortunately my phone's on quiet 90% of the time, so I can usually just let it ring through without letting someone know I'm "eff-you"ing them. ;-)