Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 year 28 days & a few hours-

That's how long its been since I sauntered across that lovely little stage in the gym @ UNF and received my Bachelors degree in communications. I was DONE! DONE! DONE! Never going to step foot in a class room again. I had a 4 month old baby at home, I was in the middle of a NASTY divorce & I was living with my parents. I wanted a J-O-B & to move out and on with my life. I would have killed for a PR job in broadcasting... I would have loved to do something for one of the 4 or 5 local news stations in my area... OMG would I have loved that... but...I woke up from my dream &...

Shortly after that I landed a job. -100% commission- I moved up relatively quickly, then I realized how un-ethical this job was. At a leadership/managers meeting my boss said and I quote "Do what you have to to get the sale... even if you have to lie a little bit" OMG did I just hear that, correctly? So I asked another one of the more seasoned veterans if I heard that correctly and assured I did. So I went about my day... and came back with a big fat GOOSE EGG. That statement weighed heavily on my mind all day. No way could I do that. I was a week from getting to train people (4 mons in to my job), a small promotion but a promotion non-the-less when I decided that this was not for me. I scheduled a meeting with my bosses boss and talked with her told her how I felt (i never burn bridges) and after two weeks of turning little to no-profit I was done.

Since then I have been a bona-fide "Stay-at-home-mommy" & I have LOVED every minute of it. Until you're a mother you will never know truly what a hard & tiring, but incredibly fulfilling job it really is. I have been blessed to be able to be the one to raise my daughter and be at home with her day in & day out. I have have raised her on my own, I have been there for EVERY single milestone, every smile, giggle, crawl & step. I have watched her struggle to figure something out then seen the sense of accomplishment on her tiny little face when she finally got it, that alone is worth every thing in the world. She has only been sick ONCE in her 17mons of life. She is my pride n' joy, except... 2 yrs ago I found my "calling" so to speak. I believe God spoke to me and I need to do what God is calling me to do.

When I was a SR in college about to graduate I worked at a daycare w.3/4 yr olds in the AM and then went to school and came back and in the afternoon I worked with the after-schoolers (k-4th grade) and while I was there I realized...I WANT TO BE AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER! I needed to change my major- PRNOTO! One thing stood in my way... well two. 1) I was PREGNANT & 2) my PARENTS said "we will pay for 4 yrs of college not 6 (which is what i would have been if I would have changed my major in my SR yr... I would have had to do 2 more yrs)

So after long consideration I decided that the best thing for me is GRAD school... I know I don't NEED my MASTERS (in Early Childhood Development) to teach but I eventually want to be a principal ten inevitably I want to run to school board pres. but you have to do your time as a teacher first & to be a principal you HAVE to have a Masters. And why not get a higher degree? Its only 2 more yrs? HIGHER pay, its not like if I get certified, I will get hired, TONS of teachers got laid off b/c the economy SUCKS. SO why not take the time to let the economy recover and further my education...BETTER MYSELF. I never thought I would be the one to want to go to grad school.

I say yes!

So I took the GRE not once but twice ... needless to say I did less then stellar on them. Hey judge all you want you judgers! I have a toddler! I took a prep class and did WORSE after taking that...sheeish! I know. So since my (undergrad) GPA is also less then stellar so my first choice isn't an option anymore but while I was on vcay I visited a small private college in his home town... Matts sister went there too. Well she still has some contacts & pull there. Everyone knows now-a-days its ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW. So shes gunna make a few calls & E-Mails & we will see what happens. If all goes well w.the college & Mom/Tom I will be starting GRAD school in the Spring of 2010 (Jan).

So I hope with in the next few weeks I will be subing for the cty I live in and will be getting experience that way and then we will see how things pan out.

-never say never- You don't know how you're life will turn out... This last yr has been very unexpected for me... to say the least

Thx for sticking with me [us]


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Laura Sue said...

this is great!!! my dad has always pushed the "never say never" quote. I'm proud of you! - I know you're family is too! =)

Glad your back!!

Jessica said...

I can def see you as a teacher!

good luck!