Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Day from Hell"

So everyone has bad days. Well I had the day from HELL yesterday, the LAST day of my first semester of GRAD school, it started it the wee early, still dark, you think its NIGHT time, hours of Wed.. Started TUESDAY. Tuesday never ended. Because I never slept.

First off I was running on a little less then 3hours of sleep, if you can call what occurred, sleep. No it wasn't because I was out parting or up late cramming for a final. It was b/c my baby girl who is usually jubilant was up all night screaming with a fever and throwing up.

Did I mention that TUESDAY we were at the peds office, b/c Monday night we had the same problem, with the screaming and fever. So I called first thing and got her in at 10:15- and she has ANOTHER double ear infection! Shocker.

They gave me a RX for her and I got it filled as soon as I left there, while we were waiting she had a fever so I got some generic Motrin, as instructed b/c the PA, due to the Tylenol & Motrin recall & gave it to her. I had to do lots of bribing, as giving E oral meds, you would think is a form of torture. I even let her pick the flavor. I thought to myself, okay this is going to break her fever and then her antibiotics will help her feel better and then we won't have to do Motrin again b/c she will have the RX in her system. FTW. Got home, more torture gave her her antibiotics, then laid her down for what I was hoping would be at least a 2 hour nap. She lays right down, good start. Ha. I start on the last leg of my final project... not even 45 mins later... screams.


She spiked a 100.2-101 fever every5-6 hrs (when the motrin wore off). Um was her antibiotic not working at all? This is her 4th E.I. in 5 mons (Dec, Jan, Mar/April, NOW-May) and all the other times her antibiotic seemed to work- INSTANTLY.

Like previously mentioned E was up ALL night and when she spiked yet another fever (100.7) she threw-up while I was trying to give her motrin. I wiped her down, changed her jammies, gave her some juice and laid her back down. She was up and down until finally at 3a she went to sleep. She was up at 6a.

Back to WEDS. Its in the 40's and raining out. I am now BEHIND on my final project that is due in a few hours, all semester I hadn't been behind once. Not even when I had family in town and was planning E's 2nd birthday party- ALONE. I had a huge project due then and I was still ahead.

I was on the verge of tears, all day, with a Migraine. I had all of maybe 3 hrs of sleep in 48+hrs and a very sick toddler, that I was doing all I could and its still wasn't good enough. She wouldn't eat, she was barely drinking. All I could think was if she gets dehydrated, shes gunna end up in the hospital with an IV in her little arm. I was begging her to drink. We watched the same Veggie Tales video 3 times in a row, it got her to drink.

I needed a binder for my project, but was not going to take her out, as sick as she was in that weather. I called M and asked him to come home early, like 30 mins. He lectured me! Telling me I should be ahead of the school work, not behind. I lost it & hung up. How dare he. E wouldn't nap, but she would relax in the recliner. So, thank God I got the last bit of my project done while she relaxed.

My poor baby let me check her temp, every couple of hours- she didn't spike any fevers during the day. She seemed to be declining, not improving. She wasn't throwing up but it was coming out in a different form (TMI?). At this point, I started to think it was from the motrin.

Finally around 4:21 she fell asleep in her crib, my FIL got home around 4:45. I left for school to turn in my project, my Prof told me in an e-mail earlier in the day to just give my presentation to her and then I could leave, I didn't need to stay. LOVE HER!

I get home and E is awake. M said she had another 'diaper'- /sigh/. She seemed to have more energy, I was thankful. As the evening wore on, so did E. She ate all of 6 small cantaloupe chunks and a few sips of juice, she was begging for milk, but not with her getting fevers. After dinner E tripped and fell and busted her lip open, around this time I started feeling nauseous, M told me to lay down while he bathed her, she had another 'diaper' at bathtime, after bathtime I see that she has horrible diaper rash and then she wouldn't go to bed- she wanted MILK.

Around 1130 she spiked ANOTHER fever, glad I didn't give her milk. At this point I was convinced that I WAS CALLING THE PEDS OFFICE FIRST THING! We got some motrin in her (we never exceeded the amount recommended in a 24hr period, I know it sounds as if we did but we didn't). Midnight/130ish idk what time it was... I was delirious. She started screaming and kicking her legs. She didn't want to be held or touched. Just wanted to scream. M tried to help but she kept screaming "NO DADA NO! MAMA" I was right in front of her. That lasted for about 20 minutes. Then she passed out & slept.

TODAY... She seems better. No fever. Still won't eat. But she is drinking more. She has more personality and not as sluggish. I just tried to lay her down for a nap (30 mins past her normal 1030 naptime), So we shall see how that pans out. I haven't felt the need to call the peds office, we just had our first 'diaper' though. I think its the motrin. I am hoping we are done with fevers.

**THIS IS WHY SHE ISN'T POTTY TRAINED. Every time we make some leeway on the potty training, she gets sick again. We started in FL right around Thanksgiving and with the Holidays I laid off, I said when we move to PA I will pick it back up. Well since we've moved EVERY OTHER MONTH she's been sick. 2 steps forward 9 steps back.

I start packing tomorrow. That dang potty seat might be one of the 1st things packed.

I had some fun stuff planned this week. But LIFE happens. Like this post? Was supposed to be in bullets... IDK how this finger diarrhea happened. Don't stop reading me, everyone has off days...

Next week I will be doing my FIRST guest post over on Blue Eyed Blonde's blog while she is "On a Boat", Yah I just said typed that /sigh/. Oh God I am going to stop this right now before this gets any worse!


I officially withdraw from my college next week. It will be bittersweet; I LOVE LOVE LOVE my college. I will def. miss it & my Profs. But Im happy to be going home. UCF are you ready for me?

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Amanda♥Lynne said...

Sick kids are the WORST! It hard, PLUS it breaks your heart that you can't just snap your fingers and make it better. I'm happy to hear that she seems to be feeling better!!!