Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"5 minutes w.God"

--Disclaimer: This has to do with religion, I know some are not comfortable with religion or God. Thats fine, this is MY blog & no one is forcing you to read it, I suggest if you are uncomfortable with the topic that you do not read todays post. I will not tolerate: mean, hateful or nasty comments. Period. The End.

I have never been a super religious person, Im not a "bible banger" if you will.

I grew-up in church, my Gran saw to it that I did, I went to VBS when I was a child and loved it. As I got older and understood God's role in my life, I was baptized, I was 8.

Then shortly after that when I hit middle school I started to "church hop" & became unsure of my faith. I knew I believed in God but I didn't know much else. I was a confused middle schooler, I mean middle school is rough for most kids.

Then I found my way and realized 'my church home' was right where I started.

But as of late, I have not been attending church b/c of my geographical location, and b/c the closet Baptist church isn't close. I guess you could call me a denomination snob, but I've tried them all, as you all know.

Just because I have not been in church doesn't mean I have stopped praying or worshiping in my own way. I like to involve E too, because some of my first best memories are from Sunday school.

As I have mentioned on this blog & in numerous tweets, E has a growing Veggie Tales collection. I watch them with her, I find myself singing the songs, so much so that I spent $8 on iTunes the other day buying VT music! E loves it and I love the messages behind the videos/music, they are terrific.

In a way, I feel like this is how we worship daily, and trust me its MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY . I am not sure she fully understands but I think in time she will. I get just as much, I know it sounds silly, out of the videos. Because I do understand.

I know as a Christian I am not supposed to question what God's plan for me (or the people I love) is. I know I am just supposed to go w/it, take it in strides and move on.

But I was thinking the other day... If only I could have 5 minutes, face-to-face with God... what would I ask him? The list of questions got so long, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe I had so much I wanted to ask God. The "WHY'S" overtook the list. It was then I realized, I don't pray/talk to him nearly enough.

The amount of time I have to talk to him is unlimited. He might not respond/answer me right away but, he will. I just have to listen. If he doesn't answer, it doesn't mean I should stop talking, it means I should talk more & listen even harder. One day, out of nowhere I will start to hear his responses.

He like any Father, isn't always going to give the answer we want, but he gives the answer that is best for us.

God loves when his children talk to him. He never gets overwhelmed. So I am going to work to better myself, as a parent & a Christian. God is always listening, I just need to speak up.

I know this is going to take some serious thought on my part. I used to be an avid prayer; But then IDK what happened, whatever it is, no excuse is good enough. Don't get me wrong, I never claimed to be perfect, but I know once I get back into a groove of talking to God, I will feel my 'list' diminish.


Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Katie said...

This is tough for me to read about and talk about, mostly because I don't understand God right now. I talk to him. I talk and talk and talk and talk. But I'm not quite sure he's listening, and I've felt this way for a while now. It hurts. It hurts to hear my pleas ignored, so I've stopped. I've stopped talking, because I'm tired of the cold shoulder I get in return.