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"May 10, 2009"

--Disclaimer: This has to do with religion, I know some are not comfortable with religion or God. Thats fine, this is MY blog & no one is forcing you to read it, I suggest I you are uncomfortable with the topic that you do not read todays post. It's as easy as that. I will not tolerate: mean, hateful or nasty comments. Period. The End.

One year ago TODAY (mother's day last yr)- I made the decision to dedicate my daughter, usually it would have been done when she was just a month old but GD was still hanging around, like a bad fungus, said "No way". As 1/2 of her genetics, I said fine, then took a shower and cried. I wanted MY daughter to be dedicated.

That doesn't mean God wasn't present EVERY SINGLE DAY, just b/c she wasn't dedicated.

A baptist dedication is not a baptism, she can get baptized if/when she knows and understands what it means. Until then I wanted to take a part in my daughters Christian upbringing.

When you have your child dedicated you go up in front of the entire congregation and your pastor asks if you're willing to raise your child in a godly way. Before I had her dedicated I was very sporadic in my attendance at church. Holiday's, Family Occasions, etc.

Not only did I dedicate to raise my daughter that the Lord comes first, but I dedicated my own life. After that day, I started to attend church regularly, again. The way I saw it was, I was raised in that church and my daughter deserved the same better.

When I woke her in Sundays, I used to say "It's church day!! Are you ready to go to God's house?" I loved seeing how excited she got. I CAN NOT WAIT until June to see that same excited expression on her face again. She is so loved by the nursery staff & by our entire church family. All of whom watched me grow & mature. I can't wait for them to all watch her grow & mature. They've already watched her for a yr.

I am so glad I made the decision to have her dedicated. I talk to her about Jesus & he amazing unwavering love. I am not perfect, but I do the best job I can.

I couldn't think of a way to get on her level, so I was talking to my good friend and she suggested "Veggie Tales"- at first E was not interested, now she loves her "Amato". After we get done watching, I always talk to her about it. I don't want to loose a chance to talk to her about the Lord.

She was given a small chapter of the bible when she was dedicated. I think she is still to young ROUGH to have that yet, so it still sits on the VERY TOP of her book shelf, that is something I want her to treasure when she is a little gentler with her things.

To make it an even more special day, her Godmother, Hayley, my best friend of 20+ years drove 2 hours to be in attendance. It was a beautiful day.

Here are a few pictures- [HK tried to take a few while E was actually being dedicated but my small P&C cams flash wasn't good enough and the pics inside the church didn't show up. I know someone from the church staff took some. I should hunt those down & have HK thow those in the back of the 2009/2010 (#2) Scrappie. HAHA. ily.]

All the moms- Godmommy Hayls, Mama Me, 13mon old E & My Mom aka 'Nana':

My Dad aka 'PePaw', E, Stepmom Jane aka Grandma, not so little 10y/o sister Destiny:

Godmommy & E


I have a small poster to do & I have to type up standards and I AM DONE with work for this semester! Woohoo.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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