Friday, May 7, 2010

"I am..."

I got the idea for this list from Hailey over at Be Serious . With Mother's Day on Sunday, I thought it was fitting.


A... Short Order Cook who can whip something up for the pickiest 2y/o I have ever met. Usually After she has her food and I have mine, I see her little blues eyeing mine and we switch but sometimes I want MINE, so I have learned to have a back-up for these occasions.

A... 5 star chef who can make cheap meals taste gourmet. I rock.

A... Top Notch Bargainer telling my 2y/o if she does this, she can have this (toy- that was taken away b/c of not listening or a single piece of candy as a treat) as a reward for listening- THE FIRST TIME ASKED. The deal goes out the 'window' after the first time.

An... Architect who can build the biggest best block house for 'little people' - it's so awesome, it withstands the town giant, shes 36.5 in of 2y/o terror. I can also put together christmas & birthday presents in record time. I am a wiz w/a screwdriver!

A... Vet who can make puppies and monkeys better with a quick wrap of a blankie and a "all better now", sometimes a smooch is necessary in the more serious cases.

A... Dental Hygienist who has not only learned how to get my stubborn child open her mouth for a proper brushing but I have taught her how to do it so when I am done she does it herself. I have caught her in there trying to 'brush feeth Mama!". I call that a BIG FAT WIN.

A... Translator who is constantly decoding the ramblings of a 2y/o. Most everything she says is coherent but when she gets going too fast/excited translation is needed.

An... Octopus which means I can do numerous things at once b/c of course I have 8 arms & keep it all in order, I checked my sanity at the front desk of the hospital when I gave birth.

A... Teacher who is teaching my 2y/o major life lessons & how to count to 20 (we've got up to 15 so far) & her ABC's & work on reading too, I am ambitious- all before pre-school @ age 3!

A... Pharmacist who has mastered the art of administering eye drops and antibiotics to a child who runs a hides at the mention of meds (bribery, what?).

A... Dr. with magical healing powers, I can heal any boo-boo with a kiss and the sporadic mini (yes it has to be those annoying mini ones) Band-Aid.

A... Fitness Instructor who has convinced myself that dancing with my toddler around the house serves as an aerobic workout.

A... Choreographer who can choreograph a rad routine to Phineas & Ferb, Whitney Duncan, Laura Bell Bundy & the like if we're gunna be rocking out around the house kiddo has got to have moves!

A... Make-Up Artist b/c my toddler is obsessed with getting into my make-up, and wants "MORE ippysticks".

A... Costume Designer b/c when my girl plays dress-up, it gets serious, its more then playing in mommy's clothes & jewerly, she wants to be "so cute!".

A... Detective that can use clues to find where my child is hiding & why. She usually only hides when she knows shes done something 'wrong'.

A... Maid I have tried to give up the job, clothes, bathroom & dishes still get dirty- who would've thunk it?

A... Plumber who unclogs a very clogged toilet when a 'little peson' and too much TP is flushed. I tried to save the little person, but my attempts were futile. The prince now resides in our septic tank. RIP.

A... Chauffeur that is terrible at the whole driving thing, ask anyone who has taken a ride.

I wear many hats.

I am a Daughter to a GREAT mom.

I am a bestfriend .

I am Kelli.

I am a mother.

A mother is all those things and more.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Mothers I know & to all those expecting.


This is the purse I got from my mom for mothers day! Isn't it beautiful! (I got the pic off the website b/c Im tool azy to actually take a pic)

**I has PURPLE inside & out, My mama knows me soo well!!!**


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Queen Caylor said...

that was super cute!
& gorgeous purse!

Amanda♥Lynne said...

Looks like we share a lot of the same hobbies ;)
Love the bag, btw!! Super cute. I've been on a hunt for months now to find a new one...and just haven't found a good one yet. Granted, I also have a $30 max I refuse to go over, lol.