Monday, May 3, 2010


In the last four or five days I have had an influx of anon. comments-- THEN I tweeted/FBed about how cowardly it is to be to leave anon. blog comments. So after midnight I got a comment from someone who left a name (Im assuming its fake) b/c they didn't leave an E-Mail address.

I am going to address the two worst (in my opinion) comments. Then I [hope] I don't have to waste my time again.

**I have disabled anon. comments. If I continue to get commenters who only leave a name and no contact, comments will only be available to blogger users, which I will hate to do b/c I have reader who use other platforms.

Comment #1- Left on Saturday, May 1:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""It's No Secret"":

"It's No Secret...I am [and always will be] a single mom, even after I am married."

That should tell you something. BIG, huge, monumental wake-up call.

Let me preface...I believe MY statement in that entry was taken the wrong way & if YOUR not a single mother (I believe I know who this cowardly bitch ahem commenter is & she's NOT) then you will never understand where I am coming from.

It's not b/c M isn't willing to help, It's not b/c he doesn't tey to help. He does. E sees him as daddy, he is the only man she has know, as her GD did not come around regualrlly enough when she was little (maybe 5 times before she was 8 mons old). He gets very upset if i say my daughter, he corrects me and says OUR daughter. I got very lucky to have found a man who loves my child as much as he loves me. He stepped up as "daddy" all on his own.

It's b/c E & I have a special bond b/c I was the only one who talked to her when she was in my belly, I was the only one who got up with her when she was a baby. Yes I lived under my parents roof, but when I moved in they sat me down and made it clear that, that was just a place to live. That I was to be the one to raise my child, they WERE NOT live in babysitters, they WERE NOT going to take care of E when I wanted to sleep etc... (they were true to their word, it was like pulling teeth to get them to babysit- but they did help me ALOT)

It's just something in me that I will not be able to let go. A piece of me will always feel like a single mom. I know when I have another child I might change the way I feel b/c I will not be alone while I am pregnant but that wont be happening for many years, I need to finish grad school and get a job first.

SO- Before you go spouting off how that needs to be awake up call, suggesting that I need to look at M or our relationship. You are wrong. He loves E more than anything, like she is his.He tells people he went to school with that SHE IS HIS. Just this AM I walked into our room from the bathroom and they were cuddling & watching Diego, it was precious. You should proabaly know why I write the things I write. If you're not in my shoes you won't know. Its really easy as an outsider looking in.


Comment #2- Left on Monday, May 3:

Bianca has left a new comment on your post ""Dear..."":

I don't understand.

You don't have a lot of "alone time" yet you get your nails done and hair done all the time.

You don't have extra cash... but you have money to go shopping for things like True Religion.

You know, your life is a lot more padded and luxurious than you think. Get married, have another child, go to school full time, work full time and pay your own bills, THEN I will be able to appreciate your blog.

Oh dear Bianca. I am going to go line by line. I don't even know why I feel the need to justify myself someone who is also a coward. It's easy to leave a name, but no way to contact you in return. But I feel as if I should "stick-up" for myself.

I don't have a lot of alone time. I am a mother, I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world, you most not be one. If you were you would understand what goes along with "the job" - you also aren't a very good reader, I blame your elementary school teachers, b/c if you were a good better reader you would have noticed ALOT of the little major details that in my opinion make up the 'story' & without them you look like a total IDIOT. Good thing I am going to be a teacher and it so happens I want to be a reading therapist, so I will help point out the details that you missed that make up the BIG picture, b/c with out those details you have swisscheese. Most YOUNG CHILDRENover look the details of a story, I wouldn't expect that from an adult. Oh well like I said I blame your elementary school teachers.

Moving along... now I know I said I got my hair done every 6 weeks BEFORE I MOVED, I moved last Decemeber. It's okay you must have missed that, but still every 6 weeks, is all the time now? hmm I must have missed that memo. I also mentioned how I get may nails done ONCE every 3.5 weeks, roughly ONCE a month. Please tell me how 45mins ONCE A MONTH is ALL THE TIME? Most people who have acryllics or enjoy getting their nails done go every other week, twice a month. I can ONLY AFFORD to go once a month, I budgeted it in there & with my daughter & school I only have time to go ONCE A MONTH. But maybe to you ONCE A MONTH is all the time, who knows? That takes me to the extra cash issue. I would KILL for True Religion Jeans , oh boy would I. AS I MENTIONED, I thought we were going to the OUTLETS, you know the place that things are CHEAPER? But after looking at my back acct, I realized I didn't have any extra money to spend, so instread of going to the OUTLETS we took OUR daughter to the park and went grocery shopping. So I DON'T have EXTRA cash for things like True Religion. I blog for fun, that "letter" was for fun. I do however just want to go to the OUTLET to see the difference in OUTLET TR jeans and Retail TR jeans. I enjoy WINDOW shopping just as much as the actual purchase. I have gone to KOP 3 times and walked out with EXACTLY what I walked in with. E's diaperbag & my purse, nothing more. I will NOT spend beyond my means. The only debt I have is student loans, I don't have CC debt, not many 23 year olds can say that. I paid my credit card off 2 years ago. I did. No one else, not mommy or daddy, I did, with my savings. Not exactly what I wanted to use my savings on but I didn't want to be in debt when my daughter was born.

I know my life is padded. I am very lucky. You make your life as luxurious as you want it to be, its all in your attitude & how you choose to look at your own life. You sound like a VERY JEALOUS girl woman, you wil be unhappy if you continue to be so jealous. I am getting married, June of 2011, sorry to say but you WILL NOT be invited, I doubt you will be missed, we plan on having another child, God willing in 2013 sometime. I am in GRADUATE SCHOOL FULLTIME right now actually... so apparently you are a new(er) reader or you AGAIN ::shaking my head:: have over looked details. Before I moved I worked part-time, and SAVED EVERY SINGLE CENT that I made, that is how I am living now. That and my fiancée has a GREAT job. Once I graduate I will work full-time, God I hope I end up teaching your kids, that way they are better readers then you are. The very few bills I do have, get paid BY ME... otherwise they wouldn't get paid.

So like I care, but I hope I have garnered some respect or appreciation now. If not I don't give a shit. I did what I set out to do. Stand up for myself.


For anyone else who reads my blog I hope this gave you a little more insight to who I am, I am not a little spoiled brat, that SOO many of you think I am. I used to be, but alot of things happen behind closed doors that I don't feel the whole world needs to know.

I would hate to have to make my comments Blogger Accts only. -or- Quit blogging for a while. I can't believe MY blog has caused so much drama. I didn't even realize I had so many haters or such a large audience. I thought only like 40 ppl read this, I was wrong.

Grow-Up people. Learn Common Courtesy.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Queen Caylor said...

well said.

Elizabeth said...

Kel~ I'm sure people are so rude and disrespectful. I know exactly what you meant by the "single mom" comment. Curtis and I have been married 4 years and I still feel that way when it comes to Haley. You are a wonderful person and an even better mother. Keep you head up and you wont even notice the crap that goes on beneath you. Love ya!!

BB said...

GD came around all of two to three times.

All I'm saying.