Friday, May 28, 2010

"A Few Things"

-GO MAGIC! Lets WIN TONIGHT & SHOW the Celtics who's Boss!! (and Shut Nicole A. UP!!! Muhahaha!!!)

-I love the A/C and until two nights ago, when M put ours in, our room was hotter then the hinges on the gates of hell. Now the rest of the house is HOT! It was in the 90's yesterday... I love hot weather... when I have a cool house to come back into.

-The fridge door is fixed.

-I absolutely love when E sings [and dances] along with me when we sing: The Wheels on the bus, Itsty, Bitsy, Spider & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star... we sing others but those are the only 3 she actually knows the words too. I've tried to get an audio clip via my iPhone [voice memos] but she knows & stops. What a smartie.

-I move in exactly 3 weeks and have yet to start packing, when should I start panicking?

-I forgot how good frosted animal crackers are.

-I decided I am going to take E to "Storytime LIVE" by NickJR... It has Dora, The Backyardagins, Kai Lan & The Wonder Pets. I think she will have fun. Its in August in Orlando. Tickets go on sale in a month.

-I head, via people who saw it yesterday, that SATC2 sucked... that hurts my heart. I loved the show & the first movie. Sigh.

-I have yet to watch the 1st epi of "The Bachelorette" & for some reason I have no desire, whatsoever. I liked Ali, I picked her in the 2nd epi to win but IDK why I don't want to watch.

-I want my shoes, NOW! I know when M ordered them for me they said 4-6 weeks but GAH I want them NOW! I also know they are my day present and my bday is in 20 days... June 17 incase you want to send me something shiny... haha Im kidding... kinda.

-I can't wait to go to the beach house tomorrow through Monday night. It will be a much needed change of scenery. E will also enjoy the beach, park(s), pool, etc. It will be fun. PLUS M & I will get to go on a DATE, our fist dinner alone since OCT and in Oct E wasn't even in PA with me, she was in FL parents. I am stoked. We NEED this.

-I got straight A's this semester, it was my first semester in GRAD SCHOOL. I was taking a full load, according to my college, which is 2 classes and I got 2 A's. I have never in my life gotten straight A's . THISISABIGDEAL. I hope it makes my transfer easy.


I hope everyone has a good & safe Memorial Day weekend. See you back here BRIGHT & EARLY Monday AM... xo love you my gorgeous gum-drops!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Leelers♥ said...

Woo HOO, for straighs A's, and "grown up" dates. HA HA. Im excited for you. BTW.. when I took alyssa to disney on ice in april, she LOVED the 1st half.. ha ha the 2nd half she was SOO over it. GOod luck.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Congratulations on your straight A's!!! I live in PA, too, and it has been SO hot. Enjoy your weekend!