Thursday, May 27, 2010

"That Just Aint Right..."

I got this idea from Candice over @ "Wolf's on Safari" -- great blog, cheack her out!

Warning: Long-ish post ahead...

IDK if she still does this or not but I've been reading some of her older posts from back in '08 and she did it back then & I thought while reading "this is such a cute idea" and went about reading.

That is until this happened... and I thought "OMG this would be a perfect 'That Just Aint Right' post"!!

I can't believe I just admitted I think in terms of good & bad blog material. /sigh/. ineedalife.

Tuesday was a normal day. We did our normal everyday routine. The only thing out of the ordinary was that my [soontobe] MIL got home at like 5pm! Thats unheard of in these parts. Haha!

E and I had just come in from playing outside for over 2 hours, she was worn out & hot, I opened the fridge and got her a cup of juice. Jane (MIL) opened the fridge and got a bottle of watter & played with E in her room, per request.

Then comes dinner time, things are a little out of wack b/c E wants to play with daddy who is out mowing the grass & Bop (Rick-FIL) who wasn't home yet, but soon. So shes asking to talk to daddy, asking where Bop is... in the way closing the fridge when we open it and so on...

When Bop walked in the door E was under foot and Jane was cooking dinner. E is like a puppy in the kitchen at dinner time, theres no way around it, no matter how hard I try or who I cooking, she wants to be in the thick of it.

While Jane is getting everything together for dinner, I set the table and walk into the family room to straighten-up E's hurricane debris toys & hear a loud "B-A-N-G" & "MOVE E!!!!" Then "tink-tink-tink" and I hear E running my way and a piece of plastic rolls and hits my toe and E is crying while running at me. My initial thoughts are as follows: "What is this?" "What was that" "Is she okay" "WTH?" The commotion in the kitchen is insane...

I walk into the kitchen after picking up E & the fridge door had fallen OFF THE FRIDGE! Yah Im serious. Like came COMPLETELY OFF. Now That Just Aint Right.

taken after the commotion & whatnot

Jane, Rick & I were all like wtf?! We had just opened not even 5 mins prior to that to grab a beer for rick and milk for E.

I guess the swivel that holds the ENTIRE door on the fridge, is a SMALL round PLASTIC piece and it snapped in half when Jane opened the door. Now That Just Aint Right. What happened to good workmanship?

So we cleaned all the items off the door, made them all fit in the fridge and got the door BACK ON THE FRIDGE! Thank God for the suction.

We only opened it pulled it off.. when a few of us needed something, b/c it is THAT BIG OF A PAIN.

After dinner while I was bathing E the men folk ran to Home Depot to see if they had the part to fix it.. NOPE. How does a HOME REPAIR store that sales this exact fridge not have a part to fix it? Now That Just Aint Right.

But while they were gone I had to put E to bed, she still takes a cup of milk before bed, [this was more then ok'ed by her ped], Jane and I were the only ones here. I went up and told Jane "You know what we forgot to get out while the boys were here... MILK for E" She chuckled and headed down to help me.

Its def a two person job. She held the door in place & I shimmed the milk out poured quickly and shimmied it back in. It felt FL hurricane season esq.

Now I was worried how E and I were gunna get by on Wedneday... But have no fear we used a cooler. We loaded it up icepacks and everything we needed from the fridge (freezer not affected).

Accept I FORGOT & pulled the door off like 3 times I may have been on the phone. I had to put a Post-It on the handle to keep me from doing it a forth time, I like non-broken feet. Now That Just Aint Right.

Needless to say, we are in a cooler again today- Praying the part arrives before Rick & Jane leave to go get Will for DE for our Holiday weekend at the beach. Oy... living out of a cooler-- ITS HOT HERE, Friday and 1/2 of Saturday before we leave for DE will not be a blast.

I didn't realize how often I actually opened the fridge till I couldn't anymore. Maybe I'll loose a LB or 2? Now that That Really Just Aint Right.


See yall tomorrow!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli


dadshouse said...

Oh, my. I agree, that just ain't right. I do love a fridge covered with photos.

Angela said...

I can't believe the door fell off. How ridiculous is that?

Candice said...

This is def a That Just ain't right moment!! I can't beleive I missed this post! I think it was becasue I was in the Virgin Islands. That's my excuse. LOL