Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I had the best Mother's day I have ever had, this year, 10 days ago, damn procrastination. I got to spend it with my 2 lovelies.

Sunday is our family day. Its M's only full day off (he works 1/2 days Saturdays). So its the only FULL day we have as a family & boy do we take advantage.

Mothers Day started early for me as I bought myself this VERY VERSITILE (and awesomely "GREEN") purse in my favy color... its more purple in person. (UrbanJunket): Originally $105...on sale for $32 through .

Wondering why I bought MYSELF something? Well M has this theory... Im NOT his mother... so why should he have to get me something? My thoughts are that I am the mother of "his" child and that is to be celebrated with lots of wonderful goodies. So I didn't think I was going to get anything, and I was perfectly fine dealing with it. So I got myself something.

I am a good mom. I deserve a little something every now & again. So what if I have a lot of purses and shoes. This was a GOOD deal, plus its good for MOTHER earth... it was MOTHER'S day after all (earth day wasn't so long ago either!). That arrived in the mail on the Thursday before MD. Yay! The same day I received the purse from my mom . We are so much alike.

I had a big project due the following week so I was working my butt off all weekend, Saturday (the day before MD) E and I needed to run to ACMoore for some supplies for my project, as I walk outside my FIL directs my attention to these:

"These are yours, they're from E" I got the biggest smile on my face. M never ceases to amaze me. At this point E says "Mama meme give you flowers!! Meme gives you flowers!!!!" She was so excited. Not even 5 mins later I get a txt :

"Do you like them? Happy Mothers Day baby"

Then on Sunday M asks me if I want a special breakfast... "No just waffles & coffee, but you will make it wrong so I did it already" So while we were eating he handed me a card...

"Happy Mothers Day" ($25 GC to target!)
"I won't dare try to pick out something (clothes/shoes wise) for you"

I wasn't expecting anything else b/c I got the flowers & even that was more then what I was expecting b/c of his philosophy. I was pleasantly surprised, and he could tell by the big smile on my face. With my GC I got:
This colorful, perfect for summer, [& PERFECT length, which for someone 5foot is hard to do], Maxi Dress, A cute, flowy, T-Back black tank; with sequin accents (hard to see in pic) and my favs purple/berry colored ballet flats w.ruffles. These go w. over half my closet (and my new dress & shirt since its black!):

So versitile & comfy.

We also went to the outlets, b/c I had been wanting to go forever. What better day then Mothers Day? While there I got a few cardigans from Gap and a shirt for $10 from Banana Republic, thats a steal, yall! I bought E a pair of Neon, hurts your eyes they are so bright, pink crocs but not the typical style. She got these:

Over all it was a great day. Sadly it led into one of the worst weeks we've had since we've lived up here. She got yet another ear infection, we experienced the day from hell , she got a stomach bug, then she got a little better and I got sick. Now we are all healthy and we can look back and smile b.c thats LIFE. It happens.

Thanks to my wonderful fiancee & daughter (and mom too a few days before) for the best Mothers Day yet.


See yall tomorrow!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Katie said...

Those are some awesome goodies, and I LOVE those shoes. I might have to get a pair. :)