Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Veterans Day"

I know there are about 10000000+ posts on this subject. 

I was raised by a Marine, my father. My Grandpa was Navy, My uncle was Army. 

M, whom I have known since mid-2006, right after he got out of the MARINES, serving twice in Iraq, earning a purple heart, by being shot in the shoulder, is one of the most amazing men I know. He stepped up and helped me raise E for 2 years. We were engaged and had plans to spend the rest of our lives together, but we hit a large bump in the road and are no longer together. That does not change my opinion of him. I will always love him.

Thank you for your service SGT (CPL in these picture) MATTHEW COLE

At about 1245a M was notified that one of his friends, they served in Iraq together, had be killed in action in Afghanistan. My heart is with this family.

THANK YOU TO THE MARINES IN 1/8 WHO SERVED WITH M, THIS WEEK IN 2005, when they took fallujah. I know you were just doing your jobs but in my eyes you are heros. 

My cousin, who is like my brother, Joshua aka Bubba is currently serving in the USMC and will be re-enlisting soon. This picture was taken 4 years ago at his bootcamp graduation.

Since these were taken, Bubba has been on a deployment and is now a CPL, preparing for another deployment. 

I also want to thank Nathan Croop, USMC. We haven't talked in years but he will always have a place in my heart. 

Thank you to all the men & women serving today so I can live my life, free. Thank you for all you do. I will never be able to Thank you enough. 

I am filled with pride, not just today but everyday for the sacrifices that the men in my life have made for this country. I feel like I could write for days on this topic. I dated with in the military, a lot in college & formed GREAT lifelong friendships and life experiences. 


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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RodeoLife said...

Awwww! My Bubba!! I am so proud of him :)