Friday, November 26, 2010

"30 Day Challenge... Day 5"

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life.

I hope to raise a happy healthy child[ren]. I also hope to excel in my chosen career, as an early childhood educator. I am fully enjoying my schooling, I can't wait to get into the classroom. I have been thinking about going for my Ph.D. after I have a few years of teaching experience under my belt, I will continue to teach while I obtain it. I believe if my child[ren] see me happy they will be happy. A happy household breeds happy children. So I guess I just hope to remain happy in my life. If I find myself un-happy, I will need to evaluate my life and figure out what is causing the unhappiness and cut-it-out.  

**What is something you hope to do in your life?

/Sidenote: Who went shopping today? I used to work Black Friday and I have shopped it a FEW times. Its not for me. I prefer Cyber Monday. :) You can find me sipping warm apple cider (no matter the temp outside) and decorating for Christmas!! xo endsn/


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-Kandid Kelli

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