Thursday, November 11, 2010

"No More Diapers..."

Well sorta.

Sorry I have been MIA, but we (my mom & I) have been potty training E, hard core. I find between 2 jobs, school and potty training its hard to blog. I sit down to start something (possibily a blog) and E has to go potty. When she says this to me I jump up and we go potty. She doesn't always go, but I have too stay consistent.

My mom babysits E while I am at work, so when I am home I have to be just as consistent as my mom is, and I know my mom is very consistent with her.

My mom has been wonderful!! She is the one who has/is doing most of the work, as she has E for the largest chunk during the days and I only have her for a few hours in the AM and a few in the PM (as well as weekends/days off).

As you all know E has had a rough time with the potty, with all her ear infections and RX's making her sick, she was terrified of the potty. But since she had surgery she hasn't been sick once. And after talking to my mom about it we decided to try again. I am so glad we did.

This is a huge thing, because in about a week she has learned to keep her pull-ups dry (we are on week 2 of staying dry) and tells us when she has to go. We only wear a diaper at naps/bedtime. 

Up until today, she has been using the "big potty" with a pottytopper, like this one, and using her potty chair to get on the toilet (with minimal help from my mom or I). Shes very independent.
Today she decided she wanted to go potty ALL BY HERSELF, in order to do that she had to use her potty chair. B/c even though she had a 'stool' in front of t he big potty its still too nigh for her, plus the dora seat moves a little.
Originally, at 18 mons, when we first started the PT thing, she loved this pottychair (it sings). But somewhere along the line (when she was always sick and what not) she stopped liking it. So we closed it and have been using it as a stool; to get to the sink to wash hands and brush teeth. As well as to help get her on the big potty. 

Since she wanted to go alone, she used it (at my moms) and LOVES it (I have one at my house too). So now she is loving using the 'little potty' as she calls it. I liked that she was using the reg. potty b/c there is no second step (ie: cleaning the potty chair bowl) you just flush. Despite that I am so glad/ thankful she is going potty! I don't care where she goes as long as its not in a diaper. I am looking forward to loosing that expense. 

This weekend I am going to attempt putting her in panties during the day, while we are home. My goal is to be in panties 100% by Dec 1 (thats 3 weeks from today). I know thats a little over zealous but she has done fabulous with the potty and staying dry, I think its attainable. I also know its gunna be a while before we can ditch the pull-ups/night diapers completely but this weekend will help speed that up, I believe.

I will be back, Soon! But right now "Mama I have to go peepee" wins! Im sure you understand.


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-Kandid Kelli

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