Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Potty Patrol"

For those wanting an update on the potty/panty situation...

We were in panties today, when we got home from tumbling this morning/afternoon.

SHE DID GREAT, for nearly 4 hours!! Then she had an accident and was a mess! She cried and cried and cried.

She came running up to me, I was cleaning the house, and hysterically said/cried "I peepeed on Tinkerbell  mama!"

Then she begged for a baby diaper, she didn't even want a pull-up. :(

Since then, 545p-bedtime, she has been in a diaper. I am bummed. I am hoping this is not a step back.

When we get home from church tomorrow we will try again. At least I know she is capable of going a big chunk of time in real panties, and goes to the potty when she has to go. That is awesome.

I just hope the asking for a diaper wasn't a step back... we'll find out tomorrow.


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-Kandid Kelli

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