Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Long Days"

I may not work a 9-5 type of job. But let me assure you that raising a child TODDLER, mostly on my own, IS A FULL TIME JOB.

I don't get off @ 5... or even 8 when she goes to bed, there is no 'quitting time' when you're a parent.  If E wakes up @ 230am, I can't tell her "Mommy's "off" right now I'll get back to you at 9". Being a parent doesn't work that way.

Normally I would be in school working towards my masters, but b/c I made the decision to move back home, I had to take the summer off to get things with UCF sorted out. This is the first summer I have had off in, a very long time & I am enjoying every second I can with my babygirl. I also know this is my last free summer, until I am teaching, but even then I have considered being a summer camp counselor to help augment my teacher's salary. 

I have been working PT for my step-dad- I am trying to get the hang of the job right now. 

I love my job. I love being a mother, but I don't like that people think that since I stay-at-home that either A) It's easy or B) I don't do squat all day.  To that I say it's not easy, maybe it was when she was like 0-3mon, but by 4 she was crawling scooting, and rolling everywhere & trying to sit up on her own, she was early on everything & still continues to blow through things, she keeps me on my toes. To those who agree with the latter, that I don't do squat all day I say "HA!" you try that and see how far it gets you. 

I may not have my own home [yet]... it's in the works. I help out in my mothers home. I have to keep E's playarea(s) clean, I do the dishes when they need to be done. I have clothes that I wash as well as E's. I grocery shop, etc. The only thing I don't have is my own place, which really doesnt make a difference. 

TAKING CARE OF A CHILD(REN) IS A FULL-TIME JOB. It aggravates me when people (esp non-mothers) think I sit on my ass all day doing nothing all-day, mainly b.c I don't have my own home. I have a 2y.o to take care of. This isn't the life I had planned but things seem to be panning out [nicely]. 


Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli


JB said...

You're kickass Kelli, don't let people tell you different!

My Loves. . . My Life said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! Emmersyn is a very interactive baby - She wants me to interact and play with/talk to her more then she likes to be alone. And when she is content alone or sleeping, I either take a breather or am doing house work. It's exhausting! And when she goes to bed? There's a ton more work to do!

Angela said...

It has always bugged me when people give stay at home moms a hard time. You guys work very hard and it is a full time job!
I also get told quite often that being a nanny isn't a real job, but raising someone else's kids is harder than people think.

Paige said...

Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for staying home with your girl. There is NOTHING more that I would want more than to stay home some nights that I have to leave my baby when she is going to bed. I am hoping to go back to school myself but I just dread being away from her even more! Oh the decisions we are have to make, sure are tough!! But do not let anyone make you think that you aren't doing anything!