Monday, July 5, 2010

"Mommy & Me"

Welcome to Mommy & Me Monday hosted my Krystyn.

E has been in swim lessons since she was about 16mons old. We were in refreshers the last two weeks; Just to "refresh" her memory since she hadn't been in the water since NOV09. This is us on her last day swimming from Mrs. Susan to me. She did stellar. 
I was so impressed that after only two weeks how quickly she picked it [back] up and so was Mrs. Susan (on the far right).  Now, she is so confident in her skills, that she will jump right in the pool and swim right over to you. We have to be TRIPLE careful now that the babygate around the pool is ALWAYS locked now & never take our eyes off her for one second. I am so proud that my 2y/o knows how to swim, unassisted.  It definitely makes summer that much more Magical.

*Swim lessons were gifted to us by Nana&Papa (my mom & stepdad) b/c they live on a lake & have a pool. Highly recommend to ANYONE with a little one. 


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-Kandid Kelli

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Hayley said...

She has turned into quite the little Nemo! I had a great time swimming and jumping with her yesterday. :)