Thursday, July 29, 2010

"15 Reasons I Love Summer"

I Love summer so much. E & I are doing our best to stay busy. Heres a little glimpse into our summer:

1) Mama stealing the chalk... 

2) Miss Sassy Pants- Yes we're only 2 y/o don't be fooled.

3) Puppy Love.

4) Sliding w.Nana in church clothes.

5) Bubbles.

6) Nana & Papa kicking off their shoes when they come out to play. Bare feet everywhere!

7) Pretty girls & chalk in their bike basket.


9) Barefoot pretties w.buntops & wispy bangs.

10) Messy haired, care free, tire swingers.

11) The FL sky right before an afternoon storm.

12) Can you think of anything sweeter?

13) My pretty taking charge, barefoot.

14) Peak-a-boo.

15) Carefree & she's only 2! Love it.


Happy Summer!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Leelers♥ said...

This was oober sweet :) If yall come to jax anytime lemme know!

Hayley said...

I just want to eat her right up! :)

Angela said...

Such fun pictures! The best part about summer is all the time you get to play! There's nothing like walking barefoot in nice cool grass.
I just picked up a bucket of sidewalk chalk to use with my nanny kids, I'm pretty excited for it!

JB said...

looks like a fun summer to me!