Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"The Big Time"

Thats right kids, E is now in a BIG GIRL BED. No more cribs in this house. 

(4-in-1 crib to toddler bed)

[Yes. I . Cried.]

[you would've too, don't judge me]

This is a HUGE step. A step that basically happened overnight.

It didn't happen b/c she was climbing out of her crib or b/c I couldn't get her in there b/c she was too heavy (E is a peanut weighing in at 24lbs), she was actually quite content in her crib. 

It happened b/c we like to go visit Aunt Hayls & did frequently when E was small enough for her PNP. We used the hell outta that thing (THANKS JoLynn & Aunt Dottie!). We used it until she was oh IDK 17/18 mons and she was just so uncomfortable in it & wasn't sleeping well b/c she was too BIG! 

We couldn't visit HK anymore. Tear. 

While I was in PA I missed HK so much & so did little E, once we moved back Hayls was visiting us (catching up for lost time). A lot. I felt bad, and frankly I missed going to see her. Getting away for a weekend. I used to live in the city Hayls lives in, as we both attend(ed) the same college. I miss it [the city], sometimes. 

So I started searching out travel sleep options for toddlers and after reading countless reviews, I had found one. I had seen it in a catalog before I left PA but just briefly looked it over. When I finally decided to order it I got it on sale. Thats how I knew I made the 100% right decision. 

It came quickly, I wasn't ready for it to come so quick, but we did have a trip to see HK planned. I waited a day or two to introduce the travel-bed to E. I wanted to let her "try-it" before the trip. I wanted her to be comfy and familiar with it. I also didn't want to get 2hrs from home and her freak out, b/c shes never seen this thing before. 

I made a big deal about the new [travel] bed and what not. She loved it. She actually had about an hr of quiet time on it. Score!

(quiet time on her new travel bed)

(shes growing-up too fast)

So I threw it in my car, for Hayls house. E slept like a champ for 3 nights & 3 days worth of naps, no problems. Almost too good. 

(snuggles w.my pretty on her travel bed)

I didn't think much of it, except how great E did & that we would def. be visiting again. Soon.

Well E had a different thought. She thought that since she slept in a 'big girl bed' for 3 nights that meant she got to sleep in one at home too. 

Once we got home and I tried to lay her down for a nap, in her CRIB, she screamed "NO CRIB, Me want big-girl bed!! I a big-girl!" It was a fight it get her to take a nap. Promises of a big girl bed got her to lay down in her crib that she normally loved. 

I hoped that she would forget about my promise of a new bed, before bedtime that night, she didnt. 

Her crib was a 4-in-1 but we never bought the conversion kit and the company who made her crib went out of business, so after a week of promising my begging little, a big-girl bed, M & I went toddler bed shopping. Hoping to find one that day to take home with us. Unfortunately, since we needed cherry wood, it would have to be ordered. That was not going to work.

I promised that she would sleep in a big girl bed THAT NIGHT. I couldn't lie to her anymore. Frantic I called my mom we decided to use the 4-in-1 crib from PA, we had the conversion kit for that and it was cherry and matched the furniture in "E's room" at my parents house. I will just have to buy her an actual toddler bed when I move (soon).

So M & I disassemble her crib in about 20 mins no problem. The problems came when we didnt have the instructions anymore for the PA 4-in-1. It took us an 1.5 hrs to put together, but the look on E's face when she saw it was worth it!

(looking at her new bed for the first time)
(Laying in her bed for the first time)


I can't believe she is in a real bed now. They grow-up so fast. Whats next? 

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-Kandid Kelli


JB said...

yay for the big girl! :)

Katie said...

Hooray for a big-girl bed! She'll be driving and dating before you know it. :)

Candice said...

Awww that is so sweet. Congrats to her. I know it's sad, but at least it was an easy transition. I am fearing this one. Without bars, my kid would nevere stay in his bed!!

Hayley said...

I"m so glad for the travel bed and more visits! :)