Friday, July 2, 2010


Summer is in full swing now and for the last month or so we've been drinking it up- diving in headfirst if you will. This is going to be the best  most magical summer yet.
Summer's when I was a kid were amazing. We swam, played on swingsets, ran through sprinklers, played with sparklers even if it was the 4th of july, were in 4th of july parades, went to the beach, slipped 'n slidded, climbed trees, played barbies & beads in the driveway- I could go on for days about how magical my summers were. I loved summer when I was a kid, not much has changed, I still love summer & I am ready to love summer through my daughter. 

I want E to love summer just as much, I want her days to be just as magical, if not more. I want to her look back on her summers and never be disappointed. 
The magic began when I let E stay up past her bedtime so she could experience the joy of seeing bugs whose "butts light-up" and then chase & catch them in a jar. I saw how magical she thought it all was. I was hooked. "My buggies" she said. So proud to have her jar full of lightening bugs, caught by her daddy.    

We've been swinging, sliding & climbing on our swingset out back like its nobody's business. That alone, [seeing a child play], no matter when, is magical. 

After dinner in the early evening hour(s), when the sun isn't as high in the sky and the mercury isn't reading 100+, we 'ride' bikes, blow bubbles and  color w/chalk on Nana & Papa's drvieway. Mostly so when pixie is running around barefoot in the driveway her piggies aren't scorched, oh & to burn off any extra energy left from the day before tubbies & bed. Summer is full of excitement.

Babies born in FL were made to be in and around water... so we've hit the beach, for the 1sttime this season and of course, she loved it... I wouldn't have expected any less.

She is a swimming machine!! It is true my child must be half fish, around these parts we call her "nema" (girl nemo). She giggles up a storm. She swims un-assisted by mama or swimmies. I am so proud. My baby learned how to swim at 18mons. This is the first time she has proved she KNOWS how to swim. I think chlorine runs through her veins.

Love underwater cams. I want one so bad! Thx Miss Susan for this awesome shot!
She let loose on the boat w.Papa & Nana. She def. pitched a fit when it was tome to go in. "No in. Go faster gin!! No Tubbies. No night night" I def. have a summer girl.

E & her "bestfriend ever" Miss Mal went to see TS3 & they were adorable! It was E's 1st movie theater movie & she did great. Summer is all about seeing your friends and having fun & having fun she is. [SN:Hayls & I are taking her to Despicable Me soon b/c of how well she did. My gosh she is growing up too fast.] 

We've even had a tea party on the front porch! While awaiting an afternoon storm. Everyday around 3ish that afternoon storm rolls in and you practically hear the sigh of relief come from outside as everything is instantly cooled by the cool wet droplets. It is then when we get that immense summer feel. 


I love summer. 
I can't believe that SUNDAY is the 4th. I am so excited to have our gang over. It is going to be an amazing way to really KICKSTART E's magical summer. This is the beginning of years of many magical summers to come.

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-Kandid Kelli



Angela said...

Summers were (and still are) my favorite time of year. So glad to see that you're helping E have such an amazing one!
Side note: I've never seen lightning bugs in person, I'm rather jealous.

Hayley said...

When J and I were catching lightning bugs in NC (and by J and I, I mean him), he caught them all and I proudly presented them to his mom like I had caught them. haha.

I'm so happy to be a part of E's summer. :)