Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Tick-Off Tuesday"

I got this "idea" from Hailey over at yup you guessed it Be Serious... A friend of her started it. Its a good way to get those things that piss you off frustrate you, off your chest!


  • The peds office: I was there LAST week & I called the week before... BOTH times I mentioned her diaper rash & how BAD it was... While I was in the office, You said to keep "an eye on it" and call back in A WEEK & come in if it was still there. A WEEK has passed... its worse. 3  4 types of DR creams later and its WORSE, my baby is crying when she has to go potty! I call you and you tell me it could be a yeast infection on the skin and to try a different type of cream w.my DR cream before you will see her! WTF! I am pissed the hell off. Her peds office in FL would have NEVER in a million fucking years told me that, they would have told me to come right in. YOU BETTER HOPE TO GOD THIS OTHER CREAM WORKS IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF HOURS...  I am NOT the mom to piss off.


  • Rudeness really ticks me off. My fiancee & I had an over 3 hour drive home traffic rules! from the beach house yesterday & we discussed how we hate rude people & certain things that really get under our skin.-- If you're going to do/plan something that's awesome, Please don't talk about/plan it right in front of me LIKE IM NOT IN THE ROOM, if you're not going to include me. That is so rude.  Then look at me and say "what are you doing then?" Srsly. 

  • If I do something above and beyond, some kind of acknowledgement is nice. Like a simple "Thanks" or "Thank You". I don't need to fawned over, I don't do things for the recognition I get or don't get, but I hate feeling like I do things in vein. 

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Candice said...

All of those things would tick me off too!!

It's fun getting comments on posts from a year ago. I hope you're enjoying the blog. :)