Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Im alive, just barely"

Since we last talked I [cue bullet points] :

  • -Packed up everything E & I owned in boxes in less then 7 days.
  • -Helped M & Chip load it into my '04 MDX & U-Haul trailer.
  • -Had a birthday... I am now 24 I feel 90 thanks to this horrid move. Gasp.
  • -Packed 2 suit cases for out plane ride home. Had to inspect E's, b/c she's famous for "packing" toys.
  • -Let E stay up late every night the last week in PA to spend time w.her Bop & Guppy.
  • -Caught lighting bugs in a jar w.E- Daddy did the dirty job of touching them, Mommy took about a billion pics... those to come later!
  • -Had a few very emotional good byes w.Chip, Bop & Guppy. There may or may not have been alot of tears at the airport. I looked like someone died as I was going through security. NOT a good look as you're going through AIRPORT SECURITY. [SN: I hate hurting people & seeing M's dad hurting b/c I was taking his granddaughter away, killed me. They are very close. E says he's her bestfriend. I am getting teary eyed typing this.]
  • -Flew on a plane, w/a 2y/o & about 45 other children ALL going to Disney!!! My munchkin had her own seat. She enjoyed this. I however, DID NOT. Up. Down. Up. Down. repeat- for 2+ hours. 
  • -Got home, cursed 100% HUMIDITY.
  • -Basically made out w.my bestie when she got to my house!
  • -Had pizza & ice cream cake for birthday dinner.
  • -Had a slumber party w.aformentioned bestie.
  • -GOT PRESENTS!!!! Bestie rocks... she just wants baller presents on her bday... I know how she rolls. haha j/k.
  • -Took E to see TS3 (her first movie theater movie!) w.Bestie, Ashleyx2 & Miss Mal- They were so freaking cute together. (Thx for the pics Hayls!!)
  • -Went to visit my Grandma & celebrate my bday & Fathers day. It was a blast. I love seeing my family & very pregnant cousins! 
  • -Watched all the littles play in the front yard till the afternoon FL storm rolled in.
  • -Had a Girls night-in & baked cookies w.mom & You got it by now... Bestie while watching DDD & Army Wives.
  • -Greeted my hons @ 1am after his 15+hr drive w.my stuff and the horrible U-haul.
  • -Started E's swim re-fresher lessons. [SN: Shes been in lessons since before she was 12mons...these are 2 week refreshers to refresh her memory about swimming!]
  • -Un-loaded my car & U-Haul in said humidity, trying to beat said storms.
  • -Took the u-haul back.
  • -Had lunch w.my hons.
  • -Took him to the airport, said a short good good-bye. [he'll be back in less then 27 days!]
  • -Went to grandmas to get forgotten babydoll.
  • -Started to move boxes around b/c temp. staying w.my parents- CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE. - will not be unpacking everything.
  • -Fell asleep in my clothes w.the lights on.
  • -Swim lessons day #2.

& I have SO MUCH un-packing/organizing to do in the next week.

That about covers it. I am so tired its not even funny- I have so much to do. The mess is ridiculous. I want to cry. I hate THIS kind of messy. Playroom messy is different... moving messy gives me a panic attack.


I am sorta back. I hope to be back in FULL swing by Monday, June 28th--

It feels good to be home though &  I know it will feel even better in the coming weeks, Good things are happening. 


[SN: Have you heard about LiLu? Go here to hear all about it!!] 


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Anonymous said...

I hate moving, too. But I'm happy you are back! Hopefully we'll get to hang out soon.

Hayley said...

oh my gosh. I can't believe you linked me that many times. LOL. I'm so happy you're home!

Jessica said...

Good luck with everything. Hope it smooths out soon! I'm sure everyting will work out fine for yall!

Hopefully we'll be able to catch up soon! YAY

LiLu said...

Thanks for the shout out, lady!!! You're the best!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Wow! Moving in itself is a pain in the arse, add on everything else you did...you gotta be tired! Glad you and yours trip was a safe one.

Rachael said...

seriously, I always look like a psycho going through airport security. I cry when I leave AND come home (usually for different reasons haha).