Friday, June 4, 2010

"The Things I am Loving, Right Now"

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance: This stuff is amazing. I have the weirdest skin. It is only dry during the summer months. I call it summer skin. I get really dry feet & legs; I notice it usually around the middle/end of May & it lasts until Novemberish. You would think it would happen in the DRY winter months, but NO not my skin. Happens in the muggy, wet Summer months. Anyways I have seen commercials for this stuff & happened to get a sample somehow in the mail & fell in LOVE. Its about $10- kind of expensive for [drugstore] lotion, but SO worth it. I use it ALL over my body. You will LOVE it.

Victoria's Secret Super Model Perfume: This has been my fav. scent for a few yrs now & for the last two Christmases my Dad & Step Mom have gotten it for me. Its way pricey so I love that they get me the BIGGEST bottle of it- It about lasts me all yr. I wear a few other scents but this is my ALL time fav.

Bobby Pins: This might seem weird but I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some bobby pins. I have a thing of them in my car, and a small cosmetic bag FULL of them (this is from my 20 years of dance) & I can find random BP all over the place, is kind of sad. I use BP daily. I pull my hair back in this curly, but cute mess. As well as pinning my, weird length, bangs back. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have at least 2 BP in my hair. I rarely have my hair in a ponytail anymore.

The Amazon Kindle2: I have mentioned how much I love my Kindle on multiple occasions, I got it for my birthday last yr from my mom and step dad Tom. It's really no secret that I love reading. I take that sucker with me every where. Its so small and light (it has a case to protect it). I read so mush faster on my Kindle as well. There are some books I still want actual copies of, like any N.Sparks book... I buy in actual print and so on.

Diet A&W Rootbeer [bubbles]: Until Memorial Day weekend I forgot how much I loved Rootbeer and since I only drink diet soda; Diet rootbeer. I am re-hooked. I have a huge sweet tooth, this doesn't completely take the sweet urge away but it helps curb it.

Eggo Nutrigrain Whole Wheat Waffles: If I am not going to make waffles from scratch, these are the only waffle 'cookies' [I may or may not lie & tell her they are 'waffle cookies'] that E will eat. Plus they are the only ones I like. I like these same ones w.blueberries too but since the Eggo factory was flooded late last yr they are still not to full production yet. The rumor is by mid-summer THIS YR! I digress. These waffles are actually pretty good for you & E is a finicky eater so if she will eat an entire waffle I am all for these.  

**Tell Me, What Are The Things YOU Are Loving, Right Now?


Have a GOOD & Safe weekend! I think I might be venturing to Liberty Bell-- I am not sure yet. 

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli



Candice said...

My hair is always in a ponytail these days. Maybe I should try some bobby pins instead.

Angela said...

I had heard that there was an Eggo shortage due to the flood in the factory, and it's been evident in our grocery store! We can no longer find the big boxes of blueberry waffles, just regular. It's probably for the best anyway, I prefer homemade waffles, but we don't have a waffle maker. The Eggos have always been more for the boyfriend anyway.

As for lotion, I've been loving the Vaseline Aloe Fresh. I can usually find it on sale and it keeps my super dry skin moisturized all the time!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I love bobby pins, too. I always carry some around. Since I have to read and edit pages most of my day, it's helpful to have them in case my hair gets in my eyes. Plus, there are so many cute hairstyles you can do with bobby pins!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

My feet and lower legs always get super dry in the summer, too. My daughter has to use Eucerin for her eczema and it is expensive. Every so often, I steal some of hers, and I do like it!