Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Post-It Note Tuesday"

Is it just me or is this week already dragging? Well here we are again... Post-It Note Tuesday's - Lamesauce? Work w.me here. E is in the homestretch w.swimlessons & I am trying to get ALOT more done then is possible in 24hrs.  


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Katie said...

I also have no interest in the World Cup. Especially now that the US is out. Sigh...

Oh, and I got your e-mail. I promise I'll write back today!

Rachael said...

I have no interest in World Cup either! However, when I was at the gym the other day it was the Spain vs Portugal game and hot boys def. kept my mind off of running!

p.s. OMG..you're not a yankee doodle anymore :(