Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"I want and DESERVE to be treated like a princess!!"

All you know it all lovers better heed some advice,
If you're bad to your baby, you'd better think twice.
Love don't come easy, love ain't blind.
You've got to show her you love her, morning and night,
Be there for her just to make things right.
Make her believe till there ain't a doubt in her mind.

Better baby your baby with a love that's strong,
Hold her and tell her you'll never do wrong.
Better baby your Baby, 'cause if you don't
One day your baby'll be gone.

Don't let her get lonely, don't make her cry,
Don't take her for granted,
don't tell her a lie.
Bring her red roses when she's blue.
Give her the best of what you've got to give,
You'll be together as long as you live
Better baby your Baby, she'll baby you.

That song is perfect! Its exactly how I feel. Except I DONT get treated that way. 

In the last two weeks something has changed, its like someone flipped a switch. 

He has changed, in a way I DONT like. 

He barley calls me anymore, and when he does its short. He used to call me 3-4xs a day while at work and then when he got off and was on his way home. Now i'm lucky if we talk 2xs ALL day. His txts are one worded and he doesn't seem to care if he gets back down here or not. 

He hates my mom (and her him) and he said he would rather stay in MO then be here close to my mom. 

The places i'm looking to live are w/in 5mi of my mom. I like this part of town. Its safe and very family orientated. Doesn't mean we have to go to my moms all the time. Its  not like i'm asking him to be her BFF. 

I am asking him to come back and be my HUSBAND. 

I think I deserve to be treated like a QUEEN!! 

Thats not asking too much. We're still newlyweds...geez! 

Its only been 9 mons. he says he doesn't have anything to talk to me about. That shouldn't happen this early or ever in a marriage. If we were together it might be easier to talk, but since we're NOT he needs to try harder. He doesnt tell me ANYTHING!!! I mean come on...the little things are okay with me. 

I feel like I have dropped to the bottom of his priority list or that i have been pushed aside. 


ugh! I feel very unloved. He never asks me how i am feeling or anything (i mean hello, i am on quasi-bedrest), and all this is in the past 2 weeks...IDK what to do. Im just getting really sick of it.

I am tired and feel like im repeating myself. I think the song says how i want to be treated.

Night Yall


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