Friday, February 15, 2008

"Baby Update"

So im telling you Drs. need to make up their gosh darn minds. Bobby and I went to my follow-up ultrasound and apparently Im due April 7...again. Ugh so aggravating. 

I think she will come when shes ready.

All-in-all she looked good and gained 4-oz (in 2 wks)...shes still relatively small but nothing to worry (too much) about right now.

Ohh and Bobby got me a BEAUTIFUL pearl & diamond necklace for Valentines day!! Its my birthstone and I have been wanting one for soo long! Its beautiful! 

Well I will post new Emmy pics, Necklace pics and stuff tomorrow after my baby shower...if im not to tired.

Off to watch a movie, step mom and Bob!!!



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