Monday, February 4, 2008

"Baby Update"

Well I had my ultrasound Friday, Feb 1.

First things first my due date is back to March 30..where it should be, NAS should have never changed it. 

Secondly she only weights 3 lbs 8 oz--way too small for me being 32 weeks (i'm 31w5d) she's already in position and she's already practicing breathing. 

The Dr said that it looks like blood flow from the placenta to the baby has slowed down significantly, that usually signals that the body is going to go into labor. Thats what happens when your ready to deliver, blood flow slows down. Hence why she is so small. 

The Dr said at that she should be 4 1/2- 5 lbs. So I have a Dr.s apt Dr in two weeks and i have another ultrasound @ Winnie Palmer the in 2 wks as well. The Dr. said that sometimes in 2wks babies can catch-up but he doesn't want to be too careful. If in two wks she hasn't grown much and the blood flow is still slow they might deliver her or put me on serious bedrest. (my aunt was an L&D nurse for yrs and concurred w.what the DR said) He told me its nothing that i have or have not done, just to take it easy and relax.
How the hell am I supposed to relax? You tell me not-so-good news about my baby...then tell me to relax! Are you insane!


On a SUPER POSITIVE note...Shes beautiful. They did a 4D and it was AMAZING! If your pregnant, I highly recommend getting one...its WELL WORTH IT!

Well since many of you have already read this...thats all for now. Stay tuned for more of my ramblings!! I promise they will be much funnier and cheerier than this one. :)

Bye Yall


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