Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"To a Hammer everything looks like a nail..."

I should be sleeping right now, but im oddly not tired. Well my body is tired but my mind isn't.  Man I dont even know where to start with this one.


Lets start with me going to Jax friday LATE afternoon...

I didn't call anyone but Hayley and Erin (i was staying with Erin) and on my way home less than 24hrs later i'm getting bitched out (on my voicemail none the less) b/c I didn't call someone. She said she saw it on myspace that I was there. HELLO!

I wasn't trying to hide that fact, Im also supposed to be on pseudo bed-rest. I had a few things to do up there and I did them and that was that. I wasn't there to gallivant around town. But whatever I don't have time between worrying that my baby is gunna be 7 weeks early, 6 classes and my internship to worry about whether or not your gunna still be my friend.

I've known you for almost 3 years, if thats all it takes then I guess we really weren't that good of friends then were we? Oh well like I said I'm not gunna worry about that. 

Oh then Saturday night Erin hears gunshots in her complex and her Zoom-Zoom (her car, its a mazda) completely breaks!! I was freaking out, thats my BESTIE, I don't want her gettin shot. Gah! I found out early sunday morning, when I got up for church and realized I had a fever. I called her at 7 and woke her up. Sorry Wiggle.

Then the ever constant battle w.my mom and tom about my "husband". Im not even getting into this one, it got pretty bad this weekend. Im just so sick of it. Bobby & I realized our faults, we both have them and agreed to work on them.

We both know its not gunna be easy, seeing as he's pretty far away from me and soon to be E but I'm willing if he is and he says he is. I just wish Mom/Pam/Tom would just realize that it's my life. Period. The End. They think it's a mistake, fine they can think that but DON'T verbalize it b/c honestly I don't give a rats ass! I know I live under their roof (for now) but that doesn't give them the right to be asses about everything, esp one of the BIGGEST aspects of my life, My husband. Luckily my dad and stepmom, Jane are willing to give him (Bobby) a chance. That relives some stress on my part. 

Bobby will be here sometime Thursday afternoon (yes Vday) and then we're gunna go out to dinner w.my dad, Jane and 8 y/o sister Destiny. Perfect if you ask me! He will be here until the following Tuesday and we have a pretty full schedule. Staying between my dads and Older sister Alicia's...b/c Mom and Tom wont let him stay here. How lovely right?! Ugh.

Anyways We might go see a movie Thursday after dinner, just me and him.

Friday we have another Ultrasound to check on E's growth (might be delivering her, who knows) Saturday is the first of my two baby showers, This one is mainly for family (Hayley your basically Family) thrown by Jane. It should be fun!!

Sunday Hayley is gunna take pics of Bobby and I at Lake Eloa, she's gunna be there taking 1 y/o pics of her friends 11 month old! Im so excited! She's really good, I've seen past work and those were great! You can only improve over time. :) Thank you Hayley, this means the world to Us. Then CHURCH, if we can make it after pics don't think so though since she's fitting us in. I've been trying to go (to church) since I moved home. Made it 3 out of 7 times, not such a great start but I've been feeling icky lately.

Then I have all day Monday & part of Tuesday left w.him. We might go buy and assemble the crib, who knows. 

Well thats all I know. I really need to go to bed I have a test and 2 assignments left for the week (will finish tomorrow!), but i have to start on two projects (ones due in 4 weeks another is due in a week- need to start incase I have E soon) & get 20 hours in for my internship, by Friday, pref. Thursday so I can spend time with Bobby not doing homework . Gah.

Okay thats all for now Folks!

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