Thursday, March 10, 2011


Last night, March 9, 2011- 26days till my girl turns 3, E went to bed without her "baba" (pacifier). 

I was so happy. 

This is how it went down: 

At bed time, nana and papa had stopped by for an impromptu bedtime story, so when it was tme for Mama kisses I tuck her in and said: "Where is baba?" (we can't find it anywhere). She says to me, in a matter-of-fact way: "The baba fairy took it ma, I am big now, I not need it". JUST LIKE THAT. She grabbed squirt (her pink  used-to-be pink but now filthy elephant she has had since I was 37 wks pregnant) and snuggled up.

I almost cried; b/c shes getting so big and b/c FINALLY its gone, thank God!

It has been a LONG time coming. 

I mean she gave up her bottle at 7 months with out a problem, I thought the baba would be as easy. HAHA.

I had originally (before she turned 2) said that when she turned 2, I was gunna get rid of it. Cold Turkey. The problem with that? we lived in PA, no biggie, right? WRONG. We moved to PA at the end of Dec 2009. Coincidentally, Dec 2009 was the start of a LONG line of ear infections. She had them from Dec 2009- July 2010, when we got tubes in her ears. *Some blame the baba for ear infections

So from Dec. 2009- June 2010, when we moved back to FL, E was constantly sick. The baba, along with blankie and Squirt were her comforts. Her safety items. I was NOT about to take those things from a sick baby girl. 

It broke my heart when she was sick.

After we got tubes in July, I said once she was healed and "Okayed" by her ENT, "bye-bye Baba". Yah, until we found my house in August 2010, and E would go through yet another move, 3 in one year. Then I said, once she was adjusted to the new house, I would ditch it. Then, we were potty training, etc. Then I started job#2 and was home less and less and school was becoming increasingly more demanding. I didn't want what little time, awake, I had with my girl to be a struggle. 

There was always an excuse. After a long internal struggle, I put my foot down and left job#2, 2 weeks ago (I still work 2 days a month to remain an employee of that county's public school system). I am home more and we started to focus on it more, because instead of getting off work at 5:30 or 6. I get off from job#1 at 2:00 or 2:30. 

We had started cutting the tips off at the end of Jan and I snipped a lot more off in Feb, but I hadn't really focused on it. After she got readjusted to having mom home more, and reality setting in, that she turned 3 in 20something days. I focused on getting rid of it. 

E started school February 7th, 2011 and ONE month later, SHE made the decision to get rid of it. 

This morning on the Today show they had a segment on "How old is TOO old for a pacifier?" [You can read the accompanying story here.]. I thought it was pretty neat, since we just ditched ours. During the segment, the panel of mom bloggers, mentioned "socialization" as part of the regiment of getting rid of the "binkie", although I didn't agree with alot of what some of them said (let them do it on their own, its my saving grace, It gives me silence), I agreed with the socialization.

Before E started preschool, we tried everything. Granted, I was a little lazy about it, but tried none-the-less. After just 1 month in preschool, she doesn't "need" her baba anymore. Coincidence? Not a chance! 

We have E in the 3 year-old class, mainly because when enrolled she was 56 days from turing 3, she didn't nap at home and the 2's still nap at school and the 3s didn't, and after one day her teacher said E was too advanced for the 2s room. Even though she's not 100% PT they allowed her to be in the 3s room. 

While at school she sees her friends and they don't use a baba. I am pretty sure that she figures if they don't need one then neither do I.

Regardless of how it happened, IT HAPPENED. Lets all hope and pray tonight goes as smooth as last! ::Knock on wood::

With all this said, I will be tearing her room up tonight while she is in the tubbie in search of said baba and toss it, so she doesn't find it and digress.

Oh by the way... Did I mention we ONLY wear real panties at home. Pull-ups are for running errands, ONLY. She's not quite at the panties in public stage, yet. 

Heres to living baba and ALMOST pull-up free! 


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-Kandid Kelli

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