Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Brain Washed"

E's Aunt Hayley babysat her 2 weeks ago. While babysitting, Hayls, being the awesome aunt that she is, taught E how to build "tents" out of blankets. 

There was a MASSIVE (like took over my whole living room big) one when I got home. Well since then E has been OBSESSED with building & playing in "tents". 

This is one she built (w.a little help from me) last week. She is so fun & creative. 

We are going to visit Hayls in a week & all E can talk about is "tents" with Aunt HaYYYYley.


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-Kandid Kelli


Hayley said...

I'm planning the most massive, epic fort she will ever lay her eyes on.

Candice said...

Adorable photo!