Saturday, March 19, 2011


E has me in a constant state of amazement. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, this is real? She's really mine?

God is so god. I am so lucky.

As you all know E started school a little over a month ago and only goes 3 days a week, outside of school we have a workbook, for preschoolers, and flash cards that we use 6 days a week. E asks to do "homework" she loves it. I love that she loves it.

A few weeks ago she was in the tubbie and she has letters/ numbers that stick to the wall, anyways, she kept grabbing letters and saying "This is a letter" or a number and say "This is a number; but never the letter name or number.

A couple days ago she grabs a "G" and says "This is a blue G mom" I thought it was a lucky guess.

She has known for a while how to spell her name, when asked. She also knows her first middle and last name, where she lives and her birthday (and how old she'll be). But we were having trouble with recognition.

This morning, while I was checking e-mail and blogs she was sitting next to me and started punching letters on the keyboard saying their names. She has E, M, Y, O, A down pat. I am so proud.

Its just like with her colors and shapes, she knows all the colors and shapes, we are working on how to draw her shapes right now. She is left handed so I am having a hard time helping her. She struggled a bit, with colors/ shapes; but once it clicked, it clicked!

And just like that, her letters, clicked!

I am also amazed that out of no where she is wearing real panties, all day. Going potty, on her own and staying dry.

She has mastered feeling the "tickle" and gets up from nap/ bedtime to go peepee, she doesnt even like going in her pull-up. She only wears pull-ups at nap/bedtime, against her will. I told her that if she stays dry for 2 weeks straight (14 days) that she can wear panties to bed/nap.

I know identifying letters and going pee may not seem like a big deal but it is; I just took a child development class, It focused on young children (conception- age 4).

Anyways one of the charts (below), was talking about developmental milestones for 4 year olds and E could or already does all of them. She will be 3 the first week of April.

Age 4 (source)
Rides tricycle- Yes (E loves her tricycle).
Climbs stairs alternating feet- yes, for a while now.
Balances on one foot for a short period- yes this is new[er] but she does it.
Climbs playground equipment with agility- Ha! Yes. Some days I think I birthed a monkey.
Enjoys creative responses to music- Yes, Girl dances more than she walks.
Skips on one foot- They did this at school the other day and now she does it all the time.
Jumps easily in place- Yes sir. She loves to jump, especially while dancing.
Throws a ball- yes, and catches it.
Likes to chase- our cat, haha. 
Walks a straight taped line on floor- I can't even do this, but she can for a few steps.
Enjoys noncompetitive games- She loves any game.

She's always been "ahead", sleeping all night at 3 weeks, rolling over both ways at 3 months, sitting up on her own at 5 months, crawling at 5.5 months, pulling-up/ cruising at 8-9.5 months and started walking at 10.5 & was a full on walker at 11 months. She was also talking early on too; but now it is more apparent.

I don't push her to do these things, she just does them. I don't push her to do her workbook, she loves doing and we usually do it for 45-60 minutes.

She loves learning and exploring. She asks a lot of questions and I answer her in a real voice, no babytalk.

I just got so lucky to have such a wonderful child.

I am trying really hard to blog about more than just my kiddo, but its very hard. She is my life and I want to document her life.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Courtney said...

I told you so! (Now let's hope what I said about "payback" doesn't apply.)

Anonymous said...


She is tough! and hardheaded, I am def getting "paidback" lol


Candice said...

What an amazing little girl. You have every right to be as proud as you so clearly are!!