Monday, August 2, 2010

"VBS- Sailing the High Seas"

I will be in and out this week, as I am a "crew leader" at VBS (vacation bible school) at my church. This is my first time but I am glad I listened when I felt God telling me to do this. Last night, the first night was AMAZING. VBS runs through Friday.

The church looks phenomenal. I was blown away yesterday when I arrived and saw it. But trust me I will have lots to tell, as I already do; from one night, about my experience. I am so excited to dive back in tonight. I had a blast, probably more fun then my kids.

I have a great crew. 3 boys & 1 girl. My girl, Sarah is going into the 6th grade this fall. 2 of my boys, Jacob & Alex are going into 3rd grade and Joseph is going into 4th. Hopefully tonight I will also have my younger sister, who like Sarah, will be entering middle school in the fall. My dad/stepmom forgot that VBS started Sunday night. So Dee only missed one night.

Also this week: 

E has an ETN apt... as she has yet ANOTHER ear infection. That makes 6 since Dec. Can we say "tubes". Poor baby.  She was supposed to start tumbling this week but b/c of her EI and her ENT apt she will miss her 1st tumbling class via the YMCA. I am sad but we will go next week, I need her to get better.


Thursday E, my mom, stepdad & Hayls (E's Godmother) & I are going to see Nickelodeon Presents Storytime LIVE. I got tickets for this back in June! So As you can tell we are BUSY BUSY this week.

I will try my absolute best to blog/comment this week but being my first time leading a group through VBS, I want to really be focused on God & his word and what he has in store for me and these children this week. I know that I am going to gain a lot from this experience & I hope my kids do too.

SN: Guess what happened?! E went poopoo IN THE POTTY THIS MORNING! After telling us that she had to go! Thats right, she TOLD US she had to go. Folks we are moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION to being diaper free, but I am not getting to excited, yet.


Have a great week everyone & HAPPY AUGUST.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , a lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Angela said...

I did VBS for a couple of summers when I was a kid and loved it! Hopefully you'll have so much fun leading it.
It's so exciting that E used the potty like a big girl today! I know all about the joys of potty training...and how frustrating it is when it doesn't work out. Good luck on moving in the right direction :)