Monday, August 30, 2010

"30 Days of Me- Day 1"

30 Days Of Me!

Day 1: Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I don't have any [recent] pictures of myself, alone, without E in it. I guess thats what happens when you become a mother. You forget to take pictures of yourself. Before "Mommy & Me" Monday's I didn't have many w.the 2 of us either. Haha. 

2. I love to bake & I am pretty darn good at it. I prefer to bake fro scratch but its hard to find the time but when I do, I usually don't need a recipe. I don't know where I got the baking gene b/c my mama isn't a baker, she does "slice & bake" or "boxed".

3. I love to cook. This is along the same lines as the baking but when it comes to cooking I do need a recipe, the first time then I don't need it again. 

4. I can remember recipes, and things that aren't important but when it comes to apts, grocery lists, meetings or the like if its not in my iPhone or written down in multiple places you better believe I will forget.

5. I am an adrenaline junkie. I love roller coasters (esp the ones at Cedar Pointe... yes ive been and my sister is going to Ohio St. now I have another reason to go to CP), I love going to the range to shot or just shooting in an open field; I love the way a gun feels in my hands, although I haven't been shooting since 2006. I love going fast be it on the back of a bike or in a car. I want to bungie jump but I could never actually jump so I would have to go tandem and the other person would have to pull me.

6. I am allergic to shellfish... well I am assuming shellfish, I know for sure shrimp. If eaten in large quantities, like the time I found out, I get an ichy feeling on my tongue and get short of breath and usually pass out. NOT FUN. If the same tools are used to cook my food and shrimp, like at a hibachi, so in small quantities, I get swollen eyes & a rash. Also NOT FUN. I am also allergic to latex... I just get a burning sensation and rash (NO COMMENTS ON THIS PLEASE), latex is in alot more then you think. and a medication that is rarely used but could kill me in a matter of 1 dose. 

7. I love to read. I have a Kindle and he goes everywhere with me. I can now read a book in about 1.5-2 days. before it took me longer. I still buy regular books, depending on the author. Some I have to have the actual book. I am weird. I hope this is a trait I pass to my daughter (and future children). I read to her alot. I just bought her 50books (k-2nd grade level so she can grow into them, some will be used in my classroom in about a yr, depends on my grade level) & just had about 20 given to us that she can also grow into. She seems to love her books. I honestly don't know where I am going to put all the books I have just gotten. EK!

8. I am in the midst of getting my Masters in Early Childhood Development, which allows me to teach birth- 3rd grade (age 8). When I am done I will be certified to teach in FL and I will have my Masters Degree. I think education is so important. My dream is to teach kindergarden or first grade & I hope my passion and love emulates to my students. I should be done with my program in about 18mons and teaching shortly there after, pending I find a school to hire me (maybe where I student teach?).  

9. My Bachelors degree is not in Education. It is in communications, specializing in Public Relations. I relalized I was in the wrong field when I got a job as an after school teacher at a local Daycare. I never wanted to leave to go to class and I slowly resented PR. I could not see myself sitting at a desk all day. I wanted to be with my kids. I needed to change, but with one semester left I pushed on and decided to get my Masters. A better plan entirely. A higer degree means higher pay & FL teacher already don't get paid well, as a teacher w.a Masters I will at least get that little bump in pay and have some extra knowledge to my name.

10. I am a carb-a-holic. I would eat crackers & bread-y food all day long if I could. But with my body type, theres no way. It used to all go to my thighs, now since having a child it splits between my "pouch" and my thighs. Thanks nature!

11. I not only love country music but I am a country girl stuck in a bustling city. Majority of my family is from a VERY SMALL town with a blinking light in SC. I was raised like we lived in the country. I spent many of summers on the dairy farm chasing, herding and riding cows (yes you can ride them, not recommended) and tipping bobcats over- ask my cousin about that. I don't feel the need to dress like I live on a farm b/c I don't. But I own a cowboy hat, its black and its real, there are fakes and reals. If you don't know the difference then obvi. you need to move on. I own 3 yes 3 pairs of boots; 2 brown and 1 black. 2 belts name on the back and multiple buckles. Its NOT a trend. You can tell who thinks its a trend and who was raised that way. Moving on.

12. I was a [classical] dancer since I was 3. I did Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-hop (i sucked) and Pointe. I loved it. I just never grew tall enough to make anything out of it. I had good feet but I was short w.short legs & short lines. It was fun while it lasted.

13. I am barely 5'1... So I am really 5foot. It's hard to find stuff that isn't too long. 

14. I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Not a Brett Favre fan, a PACKERS fan. Lets get that straight before the season starts. I have been a fan since I was 7 or 8. My stepdad was a huge cheesehead and it rubbed off. I have been loyal ever since (hes not around anymore and Im still a fan, thats dedication)

15. I am looking forward to this "30 days of Me"-- I think I will get to know myself again. I hope yall enjoy.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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