Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Not-at-all... Wordless Wednesday"

So a week ago, out of NOWHERE, E , wanted to jumprope. Okay I say. Lets go to Target & get one, right? WRONG! They tell me its SEASONAL! They only have them early Spring- early Summer (at best). WTH- It's 100* outside... IT'S STILL SUMMER! My kid wants to freaking jumprope!

E crys b/c I made a HUGE, MONSTROUS deal on the way about her jumprope (bad idea!).

Off to Walmart... They have everything... always (or they have what Target doesn't, Im not a fan of Walmart, I only go when Target pisses me off).

They too were out! again SEASONAL. Now E is having a freaking breakdown.

All my poor baby wants is a freaking JUMPROPE! Until... she sees a SHINY, PURPLE... HulaHoop. "I want dat mama!" "You don't know what that is honey" "Me want purple" "Instead of a jumprope?" "Okay Mommy purple!!"

So I got it for her. She has never seen one, ever. We got home I get her out of the car and she did it! I didn't show her what to do, she knew. GENIUS! For being 2, shes pretty dang good. She loves her "hoopiehoopie"

As you all [most] know E is PICKY when it comes to food. Well I am sick & Tired of that! So today MOTHER OF THE YR bribed her child with what she really wanted with what I WANTED her to eat. 
Applesauce for goldfish. Fair? I  think so. I thought this was to freaking cute NOT to share.  


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-Kandid Kelli


Candice said...

I wonder if the dollar store might have a jump rope.

Great job on the hula hoop!

JB said...

yay for the hula hoop, too cute!