Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Tick-Off Tuesday"

Sometimes I wish my ex-husband and I didn't hate each other so much.

He switched jobs over 2 months ago without notifying me, he is now behind 2 1/2 months with his child support payments. I depend on his child support, to help support E, I am FINLLY moving into my own place within the next week (I should get the keys Friday, if all goes as planned) when I found this place & was figuring out my bills I was figuring in CS as well- As of right now I have not received close to $1,000 in CS. Not to mention I have ENT bills & Surgery bills from her surgery last week. 

I finally found out where he was working and sent them his IDO (Income Deduction Order- where the CS is removed from his paycheck & sent to me directly from the STATE, b/c I didn't trust him to pay on his own, so the judge ordered one). The woman I have been dealing with in the payroll dept @ his company is not so nice & I want to go through the phone and SHAKE HER! She talks to me like I am a moron and all I want to know is what the problem is, I called two different entities yesterday and they said everything is fine, but what's her deal?

I never had a single problem receiving CS from his previous employer for over 1.5yrs, by the time this all gets sorted out, if it ever does, he is going to be more then 4 months behind. I am filling out forms today to try and receive at least what he is behind on but I think even that will take sometime. 

Its days/weeks like this when I warn any of my readers, both the anon. and the ones I know of... BE FOR SURE, BEFORE YOU BRING A CHILD INTO THE PICTURE! ONCE YOU GET DIVORCED & A CHILD IS INVOLVED THINGS ARE SO COMPLICATED & IT SUCKS.  

I was not sure, I actually wanted an annulment and the day I called my attny to start the annulment process, happens to be the day I found out I was pregnant & couldn't annul it, I needed an actual divorce with a family attny.

-Wow this was a lot longer and way more info then I intended it being. Basically I am TICKED OFF @ MY EX-HUSBAND FOR BEING BEHIND ON CS, HIS JOB FOR PUTTING ME THROUGH THIS NONSENSE & THE STATE OF FL (im not sure why but I am sure there is something they are doing that is causing his job to be complete morons). 

This is probably why I have been so angst-y lately.


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-Kandid Kelli


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry girl. He sounds like a first-class douche bag. Want me to kick his ass?

JB said...

I hope they fix it quick for you girlie!

Angela said...

What a hassle to have to deal with! Hopefully everything gets sorted out quick.