Monday, September 13, 2010

"30 Days of Me- Day 11"

30 Days Of Me!

Day 11: Another picture of you and your friends 

This is the LAST pic I have of the 3 of us. Dan is living the life in HAWAII!!!
Dan, Me at about 35wks & Hayls

Ash, Mal, Me & Emmy; before Toy Story 3 (taken by Hayls)

The last pic I have of the 3 of us... 2008! DANG. Next time im in town we need to FIX this.
 Hayls, Me & Erin

At lunch for Hayls Birthday last yr. with some guys from JCJD.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Hayley said...

ewww to the last pic! LOL

Anonymous said...

Aw, fun pictures! Good times. :)